Single News — July 3, 2017 at 9:43 am

Elvis Costello teases some kind of mystery release due out on the Fourth of July

For the past few days, Elvis Costello’s Twitter account has been teasing some sort of mystery release that’s due out on the Fourth of July, initially available in a now-sold-out 10-inch 45 rpm single, but which also will be available digitally starting tomorrow.

The account has been tweeting numbered hints since last week, featuring a variety of seemingly random photographs (a hot dog stand, Lord Buckethead), and always tagging @elviscostello and @stevenmandel — who co-produced Wise Up Ghost, the 2013 album Costello made with The Roots.

Then, on Friday night, Costello’s account tweeted, “Mystery release from Lupe-O-Tone!,” and included a pre-order link and an image of a record label with the artist and song information blacked out. The vinyl release has since sold out, but the vendor reveals: “This mystery release from Lupe-O-Tone is a 10″ 45rpm Single. The title will be revealed on July 4th. Goods will ship by July 4th!”

The tweets have continued from Costello’s account (“Happy tomorrow,” one says, with a photo of Carl Weathers in his Apollo Creed boxing shorts), with the additional announcement that, “From July 4th, the new mystery release by The Imposter will be available from the digital vendor of your choice.”

So what’s it going to be? We’ll know tomorrow.










  1. Pretty sure this is still available as I can still add it to my cart as of mid day on the 3rd. Not sure who would be sucker enough to buy this given the cheapest delivery option is over $38 making this $53 to purchase. Seems that Elvis might want to walk back some of his previous comments over the obscenely high priced spectacular spinning songbook live release.

  2. Scott Stalcup

    It’s a cover of Paul Simon’s “American Tune.” Don’t get your hopes up. I was hoping for something similar to his version of Lindisfarne’s “Winter Song.” Nope. Has breakbeats in the background. Too wide of the net on that kick. Damn.

  3. Bob Dalrymple

    I did order the 45 but was refunded $27.00 on the shopping. I don’t know where they got the initial $38.00 shipping figure. My copy arrived today.

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