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Listen: Paul Westerberg releases weird new song ‘2HAWK_1’ ahead of possible album

Paul Westerberg slipped an odd, seemingly home-recorded new song titled “2HAWK_1” out into the world early this week via an anonymous Soundcloud account that may just be the precursor to a new album from the once-again-former frontman of The Replacements.

The song, according to Minneapolis Star-Tribune music writer Chris Riemenschneider, was shared Monday by Soundcloud user 964848511 and posted to a site titled Dry Wood Garage, a presumed play on Westerberg’s longtime publishing company Dry Wood Music.

You can listen to the full track below; there’s guitar, a voice clearly recognizable as Westerberg’s singing “With a hawk ripping at his throat,” and maybe some strings. No drums.

Then, today, fansite Man Without Ties noted that Minneapolis guitar maker Mastery Bridge tweeted “a snippet of a new song, with accompanying ‘Mats-styled video.” The since-deleted Tweet said: “Paul Westerberg is coming out with a new record that we made in our basements.”

Keep an eye on Dry Wood Garage site for future clues.






  1. Scott Stalcup

    Wow. Roky Erickson and Daniel Johnston would listen to this and agree, “Ya know something? We’re okay. This guy? Not so much.”

  2. Westerberg as the Walrus

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