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The Sisters of Mercy’s ‘Some Girls Wander By Mistake’ to receive 4LP box set reissue

Rhino Records’ vinyl reissue campaign for The Sisters of Mercy continues with an expanded 4LP box set of the band’s 1992 compilation Some Girls Wander By Mistake, which finds that album spread over two records, and includes bonus 12-inches of “Temple of Love” and “Under the Gun.”

The box set, due out Sept. 1 on 180-gram vinyl, will retail for $79.98 and is now available for pre-order, according to the label. The music also will be released digtially.

Some Girls Wander By Mistake collected the Sisters’ output from 1980 to 1983, including both sides of debut single “The Damage Done,” both sides of second single “Body Electric,” the A-side of “Anaconda,” all tracks of the Alice and The Reptile House EPs and both sides of “Temple of Love” 12-inch.

The bonus 12-inches include a re-recorded version of “Temple of Love” from 1992 that features Israeli singer Ofra Haza, remixes of “Vision Thing” and “Under the Gun,” and the 1993 version of “Alice.”

The release comes as Andrew Eldtricth takes the Sisters out on tour in Europe (see full dates).

Here’s the full tracklist for the new vinyl box set:


Tracklist: The Sisters of Mercy, Some Girls Wander By Mistake

Side 1
1. “Alice”
2. “Floorshow”
3. “Phantom”
4. “1969”

Side 2
1. “Kiss The Carpet”
2. “Lights”
3. “Valentine”
4. “Fix”
5. “Burn”
6. “Kiss The Carpet” (Reprise)

Side 3
1. “Temple Of Love” (Extended Version 1983)
2. “Heartland”
3. “Gimme Shelter”

Side 4
1. “The Damage Done”
2. “Watch”
3. “Home Of The Hit-Men”
4. “Body Electric”
5. “Adrenochrome”
6. “Anaconda”

Temple of Love

Side 1
1. “Temple Of Love” (Touched by the Hands of Ofra Haza)

Side 2
1. “Vision Thing” (Canadian Club Remix)


Under The Gun (12-inch)

Side 1
1. “Under The Gun” (Metropolis Mix)

Side 2
1. “Alice” (1993 Version)
2. “Under The Gun” (Jutland Mix)





  1. Now we’re having a party! Excellent news

  2. Let’s hope that we get the full version of Body Electric this time ’round.

  3. Bloodfiend

    hell yes!

  4. Oh, well never mind!

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