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Vintage Video: Perry Farrell bares all for the (not so) final Jane’s Addiction show in 1991

For this week’s installment of Vintage Video, we offer up what was, at the time, the final performance by Jane’s Addiction, a concert on Sept. 26, 1991, in Honolulu that saw frontman Perry Farrell and drummer Stephen Perkins strip completely naked for several songs at the end of the main set. And Farrell, it should be noted, had no drum kit to hide behind.

Though this video is billed on YouTubeas featuring the full concert, it is actually missing “Thank You Boys” and “Ocean Size” — but you will get a very much NSFW (albeit pretty grainy) view of Farrell during “Then She Did…,” “Mountain Song” and “Stop!”

The performance marked the end of touring for Ritual de lo Habitual, and would be the end of Jane’s itself until the band regrouped, with Flea replacing bassist Eric Avery, in 1997 (Avery would briefly rejoin in 2008).

Watch the performance below via uploader Oscar Devon.


Setlist: Jane’s Addiction, Aloha Tower, Honolulu, HI, 9/26/91

1. “Up the Beach”
2. “Whores”
3. “Standing in the Shower… Thinking”
4. “Ain’t No Right”
5. “Thank You Boys”
6. “Three Days”
7. “Been Caught Stealing”
8. “L.A. Medley”
9. “Then She Did…”
10. “Mountain Song”
11. “Stop!”
12. “Ocean Size”
13. “Chip Away”





  1. What’s never mentioned in this history is that it was hot/humid as fuck at Aloha Tower that night. Perry did half the show in leather, I couldn’t believe he was wearing that for so long. By the time it all came off it was perfectly reasonable.

  2. The other thing that’s not mentioned is that he did it all the time. I saw them in punk club in some old factory warehouse in Tucson before their second album came out and he did half the concert naked and it wasn’t even that big of deal back then. Nobody in the pit had shirts on and with 80’s short shorts back then everyone was 7/8ths naked already. That was a cool time

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