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Playlist: All 282 of R.E.M.’s songs, ranked — minus the 38 that aren’t on Spotify

Now that we’ve unveiled the results of our latest Slicing Up Eyeballs readers poll — one that ranks 282 songs recorded by R.E.M. — it seems like a good excuse to put that data to good use. Namely, we’ve thrown together a Spotify playlist of that ranked countdown. Well, minus the 38 songs that aren’t on the streaming service (so much for those Complete Rarities sets).

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So sit back and make your way through 244 songs recorded by R.E.M. over the course of the band’s lifetime. It’ll take you 15 hours and 13 minutes to hear it all.

Stream the playlist (and see the list of missing tracks) below, or head over to Spotify and get an earful.



So what’s missing? The following tracks from our ranked R.E.M. countdown are AWOL on Spotify:

“Academy Fight Song”
“I Walked with a Zombie”
“See No Evil”
“Wicked Game”
“Where’s Captain Kirk?”
“After Hours”
“Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)”
“New Orleans Instrumental No. 2”
“Permanent Vacation”
“Sex Bomb”
“Good King Wenceslas”
“Christmas Time (Is Here Again)”
“Red Head Walking”
“Smokin’ in the Boys Room”
“Christmas Griping”
“I Will Survive”
“Baby Baby”
“Forty Second Song”
“Ghost Reindeer in the Sky”
“Magnetic North”
“Christmas in Tunisia”
“Christmas Time Is Here”
“Hastings and Main”
“No Matter What”
“Santa Baby”
“Fruity Organ”
“Live for Today”
“32 Chord Song”
“Jesus Christ”
“Only in America”
“Organ Song”
“Silver Bells”
“Take Seven”
“Crazy Like a Fox”
“Parade of the Wooden Soldiers”





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  1. James vandegrift

    So pleased to see Harbourcoat ranked so that tune. Wish Wendell Gee was higher but you can’t win them all. Hard to quibble with the list just wish airport man was higher. Thanks for the hard work.

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