Festivals — August 2, 2017 at 1:44 pm

The Jesus and Mary Chain, KMFDM, Poptone playing L.A. fest with ‘strictly all black’ dress code

The Jesus and Mary Chain will return to the U.S. this fall to headline the Cloak & Dagger Festival in Los Angeles, a two-day event that also will feature KMFDM and Poptone, featuring Daniel Ash and Kevin Haskins of Bauhaus, Tones on Tail and Love and Rockets.

The festival takes place Oct. 20 and 21 at the Globe and Palace theaters in Los Angeles. Also on the bill: She Wants Revenge, Com Truise, TR/ST, Cold Cave, The Gaslamp Killer, Health, The Soft Moon, Mykki Blanco, Drab Majesty, Skinny Puppy’s oGhr and more.

The festival is being put on by the weekly members-only night club of the same name in Los Angeles that specializes in dark music, and has an all-black dress code. Likewise, for the festival, “The dress code is strictly all black and will be enforced at entry.”

A ticket page has been set up, but it’s not clear when they go on sale.

See the full lineup below.



Cloak & Dagger Festival, Globe Theatre + The Palace Theatre, Los Angeles, CA, Oct. 20-21, 2017

The Jesus And Mary Chain
She Wants Revenge
Com Truise
The Soft Moon
Cold Cave
The Gaslamp Killer
Lust For Youth
Mykki Blanco
Moon Duo
Drab Majesty
Steve Moore
Tropic Of Cancer
Skeleton Hands
Champion Chills
Tessa Rae
Matteo Vallicelli
Soho Rezanejad
Lord Of The Lost
Tamara Sky



  1. Human Cobras

    don’t know most of these people. a dress code is kind of silly.

  2. A dress code is TOTALLY silly! I’d love to go to this. JAMC, KMFDM, tr/st, Ohgr, these are fantastic bands. I also don’t know most (any?) of the others. I guess that’s what festivals are for, though. Discover new music!

  3. This is actually a great idea, for fans of generally darker music they’ve got a good mix of old & new bans in the lineup. With all the other free-for-all music festivals in existence, it’s nice to see one genre-specific. Most of this audience will have no issue dressing all black, they probably would anyway. Hope it’s successful enough to try more than 1 city!

  4. Billyjoebuckbob

    Do black shorts count?

  5. If you don’t get the dress code or think it’s stupid you don’t belong there. Please stay home.

  6. Cloak & Dagger is members-only club that runs on Tuesday nights in Los Angeles and it focuses on dark wave, goth and industrial music. I’ve been lucky enough to attend one time and in order to get in, I needed to follow the rules. It was so cool. This festival is an opportunity to see some amazing acts under the Cloak & Dagger umbrella where you can experience what the actual club is like. This isn’t about conformity or silly rules. I gladly bought my ticket and cannot wait!

  7. Black is beautiful, if you have drama with, don’t come. Life is easy! Don’t complicate it.

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