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Vintage Video: Leg in a cast, Siouxsie takes a seat to lead the Banshees through 1985 set

For this week’s installment of Vintage Video, we flash back to the fall of 1985, during the weeks that Siouxsie and the Banshees continued to tour the U.K. despite the band’s frontwoman having dislocated her knee during a performance and wound up in a full leg cast.

The hour-long video featured below finds Siouxsie Sioux leading the Banshees through a Nov. 28, 1985, set at London’s Royal Albert Hall shortly after the release of the single “Cities in Dust,” but a few months before the arrival of Tinderbox. All the while, she’s seated in what looks to be a fairly pedestrian chair — a stark contrast from the ridiculous throne used by Dave Grohl and Axl Rose in recent years.

The month before, on Oct. 24, 1985, at London’s Hammersmith Odeon, Siouxsie had misstepped while singing “Christine” and dislocated her knee. Her leg was put in a cast, and the tour went on.

Siouxsie told Record Mirror in 1986:

“It dislocated completely and came out the other side. It was painful, but it looked much worse — this kneecap hanging out where it shouldn’t be. Complications set in, because I carried on with the tour — the leg was in plaster five weeks when it should only have been two. The plaster came off and it wouldn’t bend, it was real horror story stuff.”

Watch the performance below via uploader TravisBickle1963.



Setlist: Siouxsie and the Banshees, Royal Albert Hall, London, UK, 11/28/85

1. “The Sweetest Chill”
2. “Cannons”
3. “Melt!”
4. “Candyman”
5. “Land’s End”
6. “Night Shift”
7. “92º”
8. “Christine”
9. “The Staircase (Mystery)”
10. “Switch”
11, “Mirage”
12. “Arabian Knights”
13. “Happy House”
14. “Hong Kong Garden”
15. “Cities In Dust”





  1. Allen Niven

    Was present at the Folkestone date of this tour. Cracking night, we wondered..? No need to worry, she/the band was great..fuck, I’m getting old..!!

  2. Saw siouxsie at the royal court Liverpool in during this time. The gig was excellent n I met siouxsie, budgie and severin afterwards in the holiday season inn (ah happy days)

  3. The show must go on!

  4. I saw Siouxsie and the Banshess in the same year in July 1985, in the city of Taranto in Italy. She sang standing up and she was beatiful, in a classic hot summer evening in southern Italy. Unforgettable concert that will remain carved in my heart and in my mind!!!!!

  5. @Allen Nevin, I too was at the Folkestone gig.
    When Siouxsie caught your stare was exhilarating.
    I was 15 and my first proper gig.

  6. Wow, always an incredible performer! Who else could sit down in a banquet hall chair and still have such stage presence? I’ll always love her

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