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‘Gary Crowley’s Punk and New Wave’ box set compiles 77 lesser-known gems from ’77-’82

Demon Music Group next month will release a Nuggets-inspired 3CD box set from British radio host Gary Crowley that collects 77 punk and new wave tracks from 1977 to 1982, including “many rare, one-off singles which were very much in keeping with the DIY spirit of the times.”

The collection, aptly titled Gary Crowley’s Punk and New Wave, is due out Sept. 15 and was compiled by Crowley and Jim Lahat, the co-host of Crowley’s Soho Radio show. It eschews the big-name punk acts like The Clash, Sex Pistols and The Damned, and instead focuses on the lesser-known gems of the era.

Some of the artists included will be familiar to casual fans — such as Generation X, The Skids and The Saints — but most will not be. As the Demon Music says in announcing the project: “The majority of tracks here are fantastic examples of the burst of energy that punk triggered, with bands with very little experience – certainly no recording experience whatsoever – inspired by Buzzcocks’ Spiral Scratch EP self-release, entering a studio to bash out their three-minute bid to punk stardom.”

Crowley’s weekly show runs from 4 to 6 p.m. London time Tuesdays on Soho Radio.

Below, check out the box set’s full tracklist.


Tracklist: Various Artists, Gary Crowley’s Punk and New Wave

CD 1
1. The Vibrators, “We Vibrate”
2. Mo-Dettes, “White Mice”
3. Automatics, “When The Tanks Roll Over Poland Again”
4. The Saints, “Do The Robot”
5. Ultravox!, “Young Savage”
6. Scars, “All About You”
7. Starjets, “School Days”
8. Suburban Studs, “I Hate School”
9. Advertising, “Lipstick”
10. TV 21, “Ambition”
11. The Nice Men, “Nuclear Summer”
12. Eater, “Thinking of the USA”
13. Alternative TV, “How Much Longer”
14. 999, “Emergency”
15. Altered Images, “Dead Pop Stars”
16. The Stiffs, “Inside Out”
17. The Carpettes, “Small Wonder”
18. The Fall, “It’s The New Thing”
19. The Drones, “Bone Idol”
20. Skunks, “Good From The Bad”
21. The Nips, “All The Time In The World”
22. The Boys, “First Time”
23. Bee Bee Cee, “You Gotta Know Girl”
24. The Circles, “Opening Up”
25. Glaxo Babies, “This Is Your Life”
26. John Cooper Clarke, “Suspended Sentence”

CD 2
1. Fast Cars, “The Kids Just Wanna Dance”
2. New Hearts, “Just Another Teenage Anthem”
3. Clive Culbertson, “Time To Kill”
4. The Only Ones, “You’ve Got To Pay”
5. Lori And The Chameleons, “Touch”
6. The Things, “Pieces of You”
7. The Negatives, “Love Is Not Real”
8. The Photos, “Barbarellas”
9. Expressos, “Tango in Mono”
10. The Stukas, “Klean Living Kids”
11. Tonight, “Drummer Man”
12. The Quads, “There Must Be Thousands”
13. Shake, “Culture Shock”
14. Girls At Our Best, “Getting Nowhere Fast”
15. The Cuban Heels, “Downtown”
16. The Donkees, “Listen To Your Radio”
17. Spizzenergi, “Soldier Soldier”
18. The Telegents, “Get Out”
19. The Collectors, “Talking Hands”
20. The Stripes, “One Step Ahead”
21. The Doubt, “Time Out”
22. Bobalouis, “Go Ahead”
23. The Letters, “Nobody Loves Me”
24. Perfectors, “YT502951D”
25. Fun 4, “Singing In The Showers”
26. Tours, “Language School”

CD 3
1. The Skids, “Charles”
2. The Tights, “Howard Hughes”
3. The Form, “Start Again”
4. The Head, “Nothing To Do In a Town Like Leatherhead”
5. Pop-Tones, “Wooden Heart”
6. Disguise, “Juvenile Delinquent”
7. Dolly Mixture, “Been Teen”
8. The Teenage Filmstars, “Helped Patrick McGoohan Escape”
9. Apocalypse, “Teddy”
10. Tinopeners, “Set Me Free”
11. The Plague, “In Love”
12. The Crack, “Easy Street”
13. The Smirks, “Angry With Myself”
14. Straightshooter, “She’s So Fine”
15. Bleeding Hearts, “This is the Way…OK?”
16. Apartment, “The Car”
17. Knife Edge, “Say You Will”
18. The Tea Set, “Parry Thomas”
19. The Zips, “Take Me Down”
20. Really 3rds, “Everyday, Everyway”
21. The Kicks, “If Looks Could Kill”
22. TPI, “She’s Too Clever For Me”
23. Gobblinz, “Love Me Too”
24. The Moondogs, “She’s Nineteen”
25. Generation X, “Wild Dub”


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  1. Pedro Gorman

    Looks like it will be a good companion piece to Action Time Vision: A Story of UK Independent Punk 1976-1979.

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