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Listen: The Smiths, ‘Rubber Ring/What She Said/Rubber Ring’ — off ‘Live in Boston’

The promo team working the reissue of The Smiths’ classic 1986 The Queen is Dead today interrupted their own series of weekly unreleased live tracks that won’t appear on the upcoming deluxe edition to debut one of the live cuts that will be included on the 3CD/1DVD package.

Below, you can stream (via Stereogum) the previously unreleased 4-minute medley “Rubber Ring/What She Said/Rubber Ring” that was recorded live on Aug. 5, 1986, and which will be included on the Live in Boston disc that comes with the expanded reissue when it arrives on Oct. 20.

As far as the other live tracks, recordings of the first six songs on The Queen is Dead so far have been debuted (links below). Next week should see the release of “The Boy With the Thorn in His Side,” with three more songs to come after that — including, presumably, the only live version of “Some Girls Are Better Than Others,” which was performed for the first and last time at The Smiths’ final concert on Dec. 12, 1986.






  1. Dear The Smiths Promo Team, If this sole live recording/track doesn’t motivate TQID super deluxe hold outs from adding to their Amazon shopping carts… Than nothing will. A job well done.

  2. Cattle, Cane, & Able

    They edited out the best bit with Morrissey “sneezing” just before the break into “What She Said”

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