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The The announces new 3-disc ‘Radio Cineola Trilogy’ box set, first concerts in 16 years

Matt Johnson will follow up the release of The The’s first new music in a decade with a busy fall that will include the release of a 3-disc box set chronicling his 12-hour “Radio Cineola” live broadcast in 2015, screenings of an accompanying documentary and The The’s first concerts in 16 years.

The box set, dubbed Radio Cineola Trilogy: A Broadcast by The The, will be released on CD, vinyl and digital formats on Oct. 20, and includes the discs The End of the Day, subtitled “Songs / Interpretations / Performances”; The Inertia Variations, subtitled “Poetry / Soundscapes / Spoken Word”; and Midnight to Midnight, subtitled “Electronic Scores / Political Commentaries / Broadcasts” (see full tracklist below).

The first, more conventionally song-based disc includes The The’s “We Can’t Stop What’s Coming,” released this past spring, as well as 11 covers of songs from The The’s catalog by the likes of Thomas Feiner, Elysian Fields, Gillian Glover, Colin Lloyd Tucker and more.

The second and third discs feature a combined 107 tracks, including a whole variety of musical soundscapes, poems, spoken-word pieces and political commentary from the 12-hour broadcast, which aired from noon to midnight on the U.K.’s Election Day in 2015.

The box set features the following collaborators:

JG Thirwell, Thomas Leer, Johnny Marr, James Eller, Meja, Anna Domino, Zeke Manyika, Colin Lloyd Tucker, John Tottenham, Thomas Feiner, Liz Horsman, Charlotte Etc. Tom Bright, Gillian Glover, Willis, Johanna St Michaels, Jacob Sahlqvist, Kate Wilkins, Gerald Jenkins, William Engdahl, Neil Clark, David Edwards / Media Lens, Marian St Laurent, Lucinda Rogers, Neil Sanders, Abdi Assadi, Zoe, Hepden, Eric Schermerhorn, Megan Drew, Polly Maberly, Niall Greig Fulton

Next year, Johnson will perform live as The The for the first time since the group performed at the David Bowie-curated Meltdown Festival in London in 2002. The band will headline the Heartland Festival in Denmark on June 1, followed by a concert at London’s Royal Albert Hall on June 5.

Tickets for the festival go on sale today, while Royal Albert Hall tickets will be available starting Friday.

It’s not known whether The The plans more live performances beyond those two.

Lastly, Johanna St. Michaels’ 84-minute documentary about Johnson and the 12-hour “Radio Cineola” broadcast, called “The Intetia Variations, will receive a weeklong run of U.K. screening this October in London, Manchester, Sheffield, Bristol and more. See The The’s website for full details.

Below, see The The’s tour dates, a full tracklist for the new box set and a 9-minute video preview.


The The tour dates:

June 1: Heartland Festival, Egeskov Castle, Denmark
June 5: Royal Albert Hall, London, UK



Tracklist: Radio Cineola Trilogy: A Broadcast by The The

Disc 1: The End Of The Day

“This Is The Day” – Thomas Feiner
“Slow Emotion Replay” – Meja Kullersten
“Weatherbelle” – Thomas Leer
“Gravitate To Me” – Elysian Fields
“Bugle Boy” – Colin Lloyd Tucker
“Pillar Box Red” – Anna Domino
“December Sunlight” – Liz Horsman
“Bluer Than Midnight” – Charlotte Etc.
“Love Is Stronger Than Death” – Tom Bright
“Phantom Walls” – Gillian Glover
“We Can’t Stop What’s Coming” – The The
“This Is The Night” – Willis

Disc 2: The Inertia Variations

Atmosfear *
A Long Hard Lazy Apprenticeship
Fear Of Known Things
Atmosmear *
An Explanation
How Little How Far
Atmostear *
The Challenge
Atmoshear *
Suddenly *
The Rites Of Indolence
Yellow Afternoon Of The Soul
Tense Offering
A Time Of Reckoning
Art And Eros
Suddenly Again *
Lying On My Side
A Wednesday In August
Molasses *
That Time Of Day
I’m Not Tired
Taped *
Chair, Sofa And Bed
Leaden Afternoon
Inaction Figure
The Island *
Butterfly Springs *
Rush Hour
Butterfly Pings *
The Legacy
The Shadows Of Purpose
Time Moves, But Not I
Another Day
Butterfly Rings *
Gaslight *
Ruinous Tranquility
Inured To Otiosity
Blood Streams *
Anomic Otiosity
The Measure Of A Man
Alien Lungs *
View From A Hill
Born Winner, Self-made Loser
Dust Falls Regardless
Drench *
Riveting Torpor
Drenched *
The Prime Of Life
Lifelong Lean Period
Point Hope *
Room With A Void
The Arrival
Figment To Filament
Ode To Invented Melancholy
This Day *
Point Hope *

* Soundscapes


Disc 3: Midday to Midnight

Between The Living And The Dead
The Late Station
William Engdahl *
Wireless Trip
Zoe Hepden *
When Tomorrow Becomes
Night Flight
David Edwards *
Same Face Different Mask
Wireless Ship
Abdi Assadi *
Here Come The Drones
Lucinda Rogers *
The Divided Selfie
Neil Sanders *
Between Raindrops
Digital Dystopia
Marian St Laurent *
Missing People
Neil Clark *
The Watchers And The Watched
The Invisible Empire
Wireless Blip
William Engdahl *
The Future Isn’t What It Used To Be
The New Normal
David Edwards *
The Space Between Words
The Veil Of Amnesia
Every Secret Life

* Interview extracts




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