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Peter Murphy enlists David J to play Bauhaus classics during San Francisco residency

Peter Murphy has enlisted former bandmate David J to play bass in his band during the final three, Bauhaus-focused nights of his expanded 16-night residency in San Francisco next year, a run of shows that had been postponed due to the singer’s vocal problems.

The concerts, originally announced as a 15-night residency this past June and July, will find Murphy performing “a retrospective of his greatest solo albums in their entirety,” as well as several nights devoted to Bauhaus material. The shows, however, were postponed to early 2018 after nodules were discovered on Murphy’s vocal cords that were going to necessitate treatment and an extended period of recovery.

This morning, Murphy announced “with great feeling of gladness” that former Bauhaus bassist David J will join him for those final Feb. 14 and 15 shows, including a newly added date on Feb. 16.

He wrote:

“It’s with great feeling of gladness to announce that David J has accepted my invitation to join me in performing and play his, what must be said, excellent original bass parts for three Mr Moonlight Bauhaus shows at The Chapel SF on February 14, 15, and just added show on February 16. During the 35 Years of Bauhaus Mr Moonlight tour of 2013, Emilio Dizefalo (my bass and violin player) noted how unique David’s bass part are and as such now we have David in person to play. It is obviously and additionally going to be a great pleasure personally to have David to my right in these shows. See you there.”

For his part, David J writes:

“Very pleased to have received Peter’s gracious invitation to take part in these upcoming festivities and looking forward to rekindling the flickering flame.”

The new concert goes on sale at noon PDT Thursday. Tickets to the other shows also are available.

The reunion of Murphy and David J comes as the other half of Bauhaus — Daniel Ash and David J’s brother, Kevin Haskins — have re-teamed as Poptone, and are touring the U.S. performing music by their collective former bands, largely Tones on Tail, but also Love and Rockets and Bauhaus.

Murphy and David J, and their two former bandmates, last played together in Bauhaus in 2006.

See the full details of Murphy’s S.F. shows below, as well as a video update on his health.



Peter Murphy’s San Francisco residency:

Jan. 23: The Chapel, San Francisco, CA (Performing ‘Should the World Fail to Fall Apart’)
Jan. 24: The Chapel, San Francisco, CA (Performing ‘Should the World Fail to Fall Apart’)
Jan. 26: The Chapel, San Francisco, CA (Performing ‘Love Hysteria’)
Jan. 27: The Chapel, San Francisco, CA (Performing ‘Love Hysteria’)
Jan. 28: The Chapel, San Francisco, CA (Performing ‘Love Hysteria’)
Jan. 31: The Chapel, San Francisco, CA (Performing ‘Deep’)
Feb. 2: The Chapel, San Francisco, CA (Performing ‘Deep’)
Feb. 3: The Chapel, San Francisco, CA (Performing ‘Deep’)
Feb. 4: The Chapel, San Francisco, CA (Performing ‘Holy Smoke’)
Feb. 7: The Chapel, San Francisco, CA (Performing ‘Cascade’)
Feb. 9: The Chapel, San Francisco, CA (Performing ‘Dust’)
Feb. 10: The Chapel, San Francisco, CA (Performing ‘Ninth’)
Feb. 11: The Chapel, San Francisco, CA (‘Stripped’ tour show)
Feb. 14: The Chapel, San Francisco, CA (Bauhaus classics with David J)
Feb. 15: The Chapel, San Francisco, CA (Bauhaus classics with David J)
Feb. 16: The Chapel, San Francisco, CA (Bauhaus classics with David J)





  1. Welcome news, though surprising since it seemed like a David vs. Peter conflict may have been at the heart of the most recent Bauhaus implosion. I think Peter had even specifically singled out David as the band member he wouldn’t play with again in the future. The Bauhaus band member alliances never seem to stop shifting.

  2. HalloweenJack

    Regardless of the origins or specifics of the “incident that occurred” ten years ago, Peter apparently spat roses at David J. “with great feeling of gladness”.
    Perhaps this may initiate a union with Poptone as Bela’s 40th approaches… (co-headline a tour with the Cure to celebrate their first single and call the show “Small Wonders 2018-19”)
    The shadow is cast.

  3. Great news. Yes, I believe that the main feud was between Peter and Daniel. I am not sure if they would work together again, but given the strength of the Poptone shows and David J’s performances as well, here is to hoping for an overdue burying of the hatchet.

    • Scott Stalcup

      Was worth sitting through Peaches to see their set before Nine Inch Nails when they played Noblesville.

      Did I leave before NIN took the stage? Yep. Saw the originals. Don’t need to see the imitator. As Peter said, “If you want to see Nine Inch Nails, YOU HAVE TO GO THROUGH US!”

      • Sure, and Bauhaus owes as much to Bowie and Roxy. Every band I’ve ever listened to had there past influences, unavoidable really, but both Bauhaus and NIN created something cool imo.

        • Scott Stalcup

          Fair enough, but hearing that declaration boom through the outdoor venue formerly known as Deer Creek made me think, “Yeah. Don’t need to stick around for Reznor. Fourth of July traffic anyroad. Hate to have the night ruined by some good ol’ boy.” So, I bolted.

          • Done the same myself on occasion, in fact, I am old enough to have been at an Ozzy concert in the mid 80’s just to see Metallica. Me and a quarter of the venue left after they were done. Of course, being the 80’s the ticket didn’t cost $200 so it was almost worth it! Have a great weekend!

  4. HalloweenJack

    “We were waiting for Peter to turn up. Our beef was with him. So he comes in and he does this shocking and brilliant thing. Pure zen. He comes in and he just spits rose petals in our faces. It just cut through everything. We couldn’t argue with that.”
    – David J. 2008

    “… he blurts karma, no sin.
    The tall one astute, the ginger all things
    To all men he’s kind, a split heart from mind
    I spit roses and thank oh, the boat we thought sank”
    – Peter Murphy, 2011

    BTW the Poptone shows have been incredible!

    One of those opening acts you completely forget about until someone mentions it and you say “oh yeah, that… what?” as you try to remind yourself who you’re talking about. If only we could fuck the pain from her set away… Came, stayed, and left because of Bauhaus.
    Shame they didn’t tour “Go Away White”.

    • Scott Stalcup

      They kind of did. “Endless Summer of the Damned” and “Adrenaline” were in the set.

      • HalloweenJack

        Actually, they didn’t. That brief stretch hardly counts as a tour in support of.

        Also, “Too Much 21st Century”, “Undone”, “The Dog’s A Vapour”, Mirror Remains”, and “Black Stone Heart” were not! ;-)

        • Scott Stalcup

          Being a bit pedantic, but fair enough.

          Me? I was happy to get 12 songs with two from Go Away White among their number, though I was sitting around a bunch of kids who were a six pack and defective johnny away from conception when the band were a going concern the first time.

  5. HalloweenJack

    btw Peter purchased and gave Daniel one of Hendrix’s wah-wah pedals as a gift during the GO AWAY WHITE period so beef wasn’t with Ash, folks ;)

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