Video — September 22, 2017 at 6:40 am

Depeche Mode shares cover of David Bowie’s ‘Heroes’ for iconic song’s 40th anniversary

Depeche Mode has been performing a cover of David Bowie’s “Heroes” on its Global Spirit Tour for the past several months, and today the group released a music video for a studio version of the cut in honor of the iconic song’s 40th anniversary.

Of the song, frontman Dave Gahan tells the NME:

“’Heroes’ is the most special song to me at the moment. Bowie is the one artist who I’ve stuck with since I was in my early teens. His albums are always my go-to on tour and covering ‘Heroes’ is paying homage to Bowie.”

Check out the full video below.






  1. Wow love it keep it up for David Bowie he’s sure looking down and thanks u ,do more great voice the soubd is excellent

  2. Nice cover but I don’t agree with them playing it live on tour, that slot could have been filled with a rare track that they never play like People are People or Lie to Me.

  3. In theory, they should be able to produce a really good version of this iconic song. But they didn’t. I also agree with the above statement – hearing them play this live was… painful at best. Leave it out.

  4. HalloweenJack

    This cover is bad and as a huge DM fan, I passed on both the Delta Machine Tour and Global Spirit Tour due to underwhelming repetition. Judging by the YouTube clips circulating, I have not missed anything at all.

  5. Gareth Hall

    I love this version, anyone know how to play the guitar part and recreate the sound on this as would like to play it.

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