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Frankie Rose records full-album cover of The Cure’s ‘Seventeen Seconds’ — hear ‘A Forest’

Frankie Rose, a former member of indie-pop groups Vivian Girls and Dum Dum Girls, has recorded a front-to-back cover of The Cure’s 1980 sophomore album Seventeen Seconds that will be made available next month to members of the Sounds Delicious vinyl subscription service.

You can get a taste of that project via Rose’s cover of “A Forest,” which is streaming below.

Of the song, Rose says in a news release announcing the Seventeen Seconds cover:

“This is my take on The Cure’s Seventeen Seconds. Since I already think it’s a perfect record, I tried not to reinterpret too much and stick to similar sounds as the original, but with a twist. Working on it with Jorge Elbrecht was a dream, because he’s the only person who’s as deep of a Cure fan as I am! And he’s a damn wizard!”

Rose’s version of Seventeen Seconds will be limited to 1,000 copies and will only be released on vinyl through Sounds Delicious. For $25 a month, members of the club will receive one full-length cover album each month that has been exclusively recorded for the service and won’t be released elsewhere.

Learn more about Sounds Delicious, and sign up, at




  1. Such a shame, a note for note cover of the original. With a near identical version, save for a different vocalist, there’s really no point in this, is there?


      Just kidding. Seriously, thanks for taking the time to post. I’ve been wondering all day what Frank White thought.

    • Steve Whitman

      If you think this sounds identical then you didn’t pay much attention to the original. It’s very very different.

      As for the point, I don’t see much point in remaking something unless you’re going to do better, which this most certainly does not.

  2. Cameron Karlsson

    This would have been amazing with Robert Smith on Vocals!

  3. Perhaps a tad too faithful to the original, but well executed.

  4. El Arreglardo

    Arguably The Cure’s best record.

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