Playlists — September 27, 2017 at 7:37 am

Playlist: All 209 of Depeche Mode’s songs, ranked — minus the 3 that aren’t on Spotify

Now that we’ve unveiled the results of our latest Slicing Up Eyeballs readers poll — one that ranks all 209 songs recorded by Depeche Mode — it seems like we ought to throw the whole thing together into Spotify playlist of that ranked countdown. Well, minus the three songs (B-sides “Free” and “Better Days,” plus a cover of U2’s “So Cruel”) that aren’t on the streaming service.

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So sit back and make your way through 206 songs recorded by Depeche Mode between 1981 and 2017. It’ll take you 15 hours and 12 minutes to hear it all.

Stream the playlist below, or head over to Spotify and get an earful.





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  1. The position of “Puppets” on that list is shameful.

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