Contests — October 12, 2017 at 4:35 pm

Contest: Win tickets to Cold Waves L.A. with RevCo, Meat Beat Manifesto, Front Line Assembly

After six years in Chicago, industrial-music festival Cold Waves is branching out to Los Angeles next month for a two-day event featuring Stabbing Westward, Revolting Cocks (performing 1986’s Big Sexy Land), Front Line Assembly, Meat Beat Manifesto and more.

And better yet: We’ve got free VIP tickets to give away to Slicing Up Eyeballs readers.

We’re giving away 1 pair of VIP tickets for Friday, Nov. 10, 1 pair of VIP tickets for Saturday, Nov. 11, and 1 pair of GA tickets for the whole weekend. The VIP tickets include pre-show band meet ‘n’ greet, as well as a Cold Waves poster, CD and laminate, plus access to the VIP balcony section.

(Tickets also are available to purchase here if you don’t want to leave it to chance.)

TO ENTER: In the comments section below, name your favorite act on the Cold Waves L.A. bill (see poster above for full lineup). This selection will determine which day you attend if you’re one of the two VIP winners. If for any reason you’re unable to comment, please email your entry to with the subject line “COLD WAVES L.A.”

RULES: We’ll take entries until 5 p.m. PDT Thursday, Oct. 31. After that point, we’ll select the three winners at random, who will be notified via their provided e-mail addresses. Important: If the winners do not reply to their notification email within 24 hours, new winners will be drawn. One entry per person.

Good luck, and godspeed.



  1. RevCo.

  2. Rev Co!!!

  3. Daniel Matthews


  4. My Fave band is The Revolting Cocks, have seen them twice, great act!

  5. Meat Beat Manifesto! To see them live would be a big check off my rad concert bucket list.

  6. Revco edges out MBM by a hair.

  7. Ken Malesinski

    Revolting Cocks

  8. Meat beat manifesto

  9. Triple N Jennn

    I have always been a HUDE fan of the Cocks! Though Front Line Assembly takes a close second! Both Bill and Rhys are incredibly talented! And how cool that Stabbing Westward is back together for Cold Waves!!! I’d be a kid in a candy store either night!!! P.S. when will you bring your app back?! Miss it!

  10. Mark Ehgotz

    MC 900FT JESUS

  11. Jason Brown

    Revolting Cocks!!!

  12. Thomas McGonnigle

    Meat Beat Manifesto


  14. Meat Beat Manifesto! Saw them at Organic 96!

  15. RevCo

  16. Jeff Bayard

    Revolting Cocks: Big Sexy Land

  17. Aaron Cooper

    MC 900 Ft. Jesus. He was so good in Chicago!

  18. Bernadette Armbruster

    Front Line!!!! RevCo #2. (I would be very happy to be picked for whole weekend GA!!)

  19. Cubanate! So glad to have them back after nearly 20 years! :D

  20. Revolting cocks

  21. Stabbing Westward

  22. Christina Talerico

    Front Line Assembly!!

  23. Eric Lauriault

    Rev Co

  24. Christina Talerico

    Front line Assembly

  25. Christopher Almy

    Meat Beat Manifesto, always will be. Scored a test print of armed audio war fare at the 2016 coldwaves. So proud of that

  26. chris hemminger

    RevCo! Saw them in Melbourne FL at the Power Station in 90/91 with Skatenigs and Mentors. Going to be visiting LA that weekend so how crazy would that be?

  27. Someone somewhere wake me up!

    RevCo !!!!!

  28. Shawn Uprichard

    Meat Beat Manifesto

  29. Julie Hamblin

    Front Line Assembly

  30. Revolting Cocks

  31. Eric Bahringer


  32. Diane luciano

    Revolting Cocks and Meat Beat Manifesto

  33. Marco trevino

    Crash Course in Science

  34. Jack Dangers for the win! Meat Beat Manifesto!


    My wife and I never miss a chance to see Bill leeb and company. ☺ met them at a meet and greet a few tours back and got to film the whole concert, which we made into a birthday music video for Bill q year later lol. Hella rad!
    Fingers crossed!

  36. Meat Beat Manifesto!

  37. Karl Boucher

    Meat Beat Manifesto

  38. All of the above!!!!!

  39. Silas Courson

    MC 900! I’m a Dallasite, and I moved away before he started playing music under the MC9FJ moniker again. I would be STOKED to see him with a live band!

  40. Mary Anne Tom

    Meat Beat Manifesto!!!

  41. Erik Torgersen

    Meat Beat Manifesto

  42. Whose your Favorite Cock? Revolting Cocks!

  43. Rob Stornetta-Pratt

    Front Line Assembly

  44. Aaron Buchert


  45. Adriana Schneider

    Stabbing Westward

  46. Frontline Assembly

  47. William Kilby

    Stabbing Westward

  48. Front Line Assembly

  49. Meat Beat Manifesto

  50. MC900FT JESUS

  51. Ken Lawrence


  52. Bob Wallies

    Revolting Cocks!

  53. Meat Beat. Saw them twice around 1990. Once with NIN around early Pretty Hate days. Great time when songs had actual melodies/rhythms before genre moved into endless sped up BPM.

  54. Brian Martin

    Meat Beat Manifesto!

  55. Laura Tripp


  56. Revolting Cocks!!!

  57. RevCo!

  58. Revolting Fucking Cocks!

  59. Meat beat manifesto

  60. Jared Hammond

    Revolting Cocks

  61. Scott Palochik

    Stabbing Westward

  62. Revolting Cocks

  63. Revolting Cocks.
    I think it’s a male strip show…

  64. Casey Julander

    Frontline. Seen them twice. Fantastic shows

  65. Michael Hash

    Meat Beat Manifesto.

  66. Chris Shipley

    Tough call. Love Stabbing Westward, love Revco, love Meat Beat. I’d have to say Revco the most.

  67. Shawn Faber

    Stabbing Westward

  68. Crash Course in Science

  69. Stabbing Westward

  70. MBM

  71. Jennifer Odendahl

    The Revolting Cocks are God

  72. Stabbing Westward ❤❤

  73. Lyssa Slattery

    Stabbing Westward!!!

  74. James latshaw

    Front Line Assembly!!!


  76. Lisa DiCicco

    Front Line Assembly

  77. David. culver

    Severed heads

  78. Geoff Jacobson

    MC 900ft jesus!!
    Always been a fan!

  79. Siouxsie and the Banshees!

  80. Revolting Cocks

  81. Dexter Collins

    Meat Beat Manifesto

  82. Mark Westerlund

    Rev Co

  83. Revolting Cocks!


  85. Stabbing Westward!

  86. ❤️❤️RevCo❤️❤️
    They aren’t playing near me and want to see them soo badly. The whole weekend is amazing tho!! They would just be my top pick.

  87. MC 900 ft Jesus

  88. Rev Co!

  89. Meat beat manifesto!

  90. Matthea Carosella

    Frontline Assembly

  91. 16 volt

  92. James Leon-Boehler

    Revolting Cocks!

  93. Dave Rubinstein

    Meat Beat Manifesto

  94. Dave Rubinstein

    (corrected email address)

    Meat Beat Manifesto

  95. Eric Ehrhardt


  96. Greensleeves

    Dude, MEAT BEAT!

  97. Peter Bellingham


  98. Mauro Aragon

    Meat Beat Manifesto! And that show is on my birthday (11/11) so, fingers crossed! Thx.

  99. Robert Cabrera

    Stabbing Westward

  100. Kate Knuvelder

    Revolting Cocks

  101. Christian Antosz

    Revolting Cocks!

  102. Carlos Schroeder-Arce

    Meat Beat Manifesto! Huge fan!

  103. Ariana Naraghi

    Boy Harsher!

  104. Wes Cleveland

    Cubanate!!! but also RevCo. ;)

  105. MC 900 Foot Jesus

  106. 16 Volt

  107. Meat Beat Manifesto

  108. Meat Beat Manifesto !

  109. Christina True

    FRONT LINE ASSEMBLY forever!!!!!!

    This would be a perfect getaway trip for our 20th wedding anniversary! They totally rule!

  110. Frontline

  111. Megan Walters

    Revolting Cocks forever!


  113. 16 Volt

  114. Stabbing Westward!

  115. FLA

  116. Leslie Leone


  117. Angelica Cardenas

    Meat Beat Manifesto! Cheers from Tijuana, Mexico!

  118. Rob Mendoza

    Meat beat Manifesto

  119. MEAT BEAT MANIFESTO! And The Revolting Cocks are a VERY close 2nd!

  120. Revolting Cocks (and then FLA)


    They put on a great indoor show, and were the last great band I saw before moving away from Dallas where I grew up with all my old friends. I love that they’re playing the same day as RevCo and MC900ftJesus and Boy Harsher (a newer fav).

  122. Meat Beat Manifesto!

  123. Scott Christopher Peterson

    Revolting Cocks!

  124. Craig manis

    Front line assembly

  125. RevCo, and with the rest of that line up, OMG! That being said, I would be happy with tickets to either night. Front Line Assembly Is on my bucket list!

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