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Vintage Video: Love and Rockets bridge old and new in 1996 set at Chilean festival

For this week’s installment of Vintage Video, we present one of the more rare YouTube finds: video footage of a full performance by Love and Rockets. This is a nine-song festival set filmed in Santiago, Chile, in 1996 as the band was touring in support of that year’s Sweet F.A. album — and previewing material that would end up on their 1998 swan song Lift.

Watch the full set below as it was broadcast on South American TV, complete with interview segments interspersed throughout, courtesy of uploader TravisBickle1963.


Setlist: Love and Rockets, Crazy Rock Festival, Teatro Monumental, Santiago, Chile, 11/21/96

1. “Body and Soul”
2. “No Worries”
3. “Delicious Ocean”
4. “Spiked”
5. “Mirror People”
6. “Yin and Yang (The Flowerpot Man)”
7. “My Drug”
8. “Loveless”
9. “Ball of Confusion”




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  1. I saw this tour in Atlanta.

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