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Morrissey cancels California concert because it was too cold and the on-stage heater broke

If you were wondering how far Morrissey would get into his current U.S. tour before canceling a concert, well, the answer is three dates. Tonight, the mercurial former Smiths frontman pulled the plug on his outdoor concert in Paso Robles, Calif., because it was too cold — temperatures reportedly were in the 40s — and the venue’s on-stage heating system wasn’t working.

Moz was slated to perform tonight at the 3,000-seat Vina Robles Amphitheatre in Paso Robles in central California. But, according to social media accounts by very disgruntled fans, temperatures were hovering around 47 degrees when an announcement was made that the concert was off.

As you can see in the video below, a woman’s voice is heard over the amphitheater’s PA saying, “Due to an inoperable heating system on stage, tonight’s engagement is postponed.” Fans are then told the date will be rescheduled as part of the venue’s 2018 season. Needless to say, this doesn’t go over well.


In True #Morrissey fashion… Heaven knows I’m miserable now.

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Morrissey has performed just three concerts so far on his fall tour, opening the trek in Portland, Ore., then performing in Seattle and San Francisco. The 16-date tour is now scheduled to move on to the Los Angeles area for a pair of concerts at the Hollywood Bowl with opener Billy Idol on Friday and Saturday.

Always a risky ticket buy, Morrissey’s tours have grown more trouble-plagued in recent years. This past spring, he canceled his third concert in San Antonio, Texas, in just six months after his voice went out. And that came after his U.S. tour in late 2016 was beset with cancellations and reschedulings after keyboard player Gustavo Manzur fell ill before a show in Boulder, Colo.

Morrissey is due to release his latest album, Low in High School, on Nov. 17.

Below, a sampling of fans’ displeasure at Moz’s latest cancellation.








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– morrissey cancelled 😵

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  1. That’s Morrissey.. I guess he spent the day in bed.

  2. Cold? For fucks sake he grew up in Manchester! It don’t get much colder!

  3. seriously?

    40 degrees, when i lived in SH and people were dying from heat stroke

    this guy calls it cold?


  4. Steven Presdee

    would you rather a commercial prefab plastic pop brainless idiot “performer” or have a chance at touching god ?
    Remember who you are buying a ticket for….there is no other ……and there never will be again…..
    “life is a pigsty”………

    • Ppl need to stop. Remember that he was sick he was practically saying his goodbyes before he got better. He’s taking precautions. And yes some instruments fail also. Yes it sucks that he cancelled but guess what your still gonna see him on a different date. And believe me it will be worth it I have seen him 4 times where once he ended the concert in the middle of the song because security wouldn’t let ppl come on stage to touch him he got pissed and walked off. No one was mad at him they got over it because he is god and he threw a badass concert regardless.

  5. My daughter and I were there.

    It wasn’t that cold, I was in shorts.

    Vina Robles was the only one to profit last night.

    They made a fortune in alcohol and food sales, and Morrissey merchandise was selling like crazy.

    Now we are told no refunds.

  6. He’s known for cancelling in the last minute. He was the headliner for a Festival in 2004 in Devore, CA and cancelled. The great thing about that was Siouxsie and The Banshees and Billy Idol had a longer set. It was hilarious that Billy Idol went off on Morrissey calling him out. He of course made it up by performing another day but who wants to drive back to the desert and pay parking again. I hope people got refunded for parking because it ain’t cheap to park.
    I lost interest in Morrissey years ago because of his diva ways. He doesn’t appreciate his fans. I would like to see him at the Hollywood Bowl in box seats and eat a big juicy steak in front him, lol.

  7. Morrissey does no wrong.. Rage just shows you are not a real fan & the lack of sophistication proves you don’t deserve to be

    • It’s the “I Stared Something I Couldn’t Finish” tour.

    • Wow, it must be NICE to have the money to blow on shows that don’t happen because Mr. Hothouse Flower doesn’t feel like all the planets are in proper alignment and somebody in the audience has a plastic water bottle…
      Some more considerate and more professional performers might have started the show a half-hour later and had someone go right out and buy a heater or two somewhere, or had an electrician in to fix it, rather than leave his fans hanging again.
      It’s adorable that Morrissey’s “real fans” consider it a badge of honor to get stiffed by him every so often. We spent a lot of money and went to a lot of trouble to see him here in Tucson last year, and only got six songs before he had to walk out with a sore throat.
      At least we were able to get a refund on our tickets. I won’t do it again.

    • Yes, this exactly.

  8. “Oh well, let’s just go and grab some greasy, luscious, oh-so-meaty burgers instead. Big ol’ juicy ones, the kind that look and smell like they just came off the farm. Oh, lordee, they smell soooo good! And we can thank Morrissey for giving us the spare time to do this. Yum!”

  9. Get a life you people! 26 are shot dead in Texas and you hate Morrissey because it’s the worst day of your life. Your country is fucked – no wonder. Get your priorities right.

    • This is a music blog. The blogger posted a piece about a concert cancellation. It’s ok that people voice frustration and other reactions to this event. Having an opinion about pop culture doesn’t cause gun violence. Nor does it make one callous to gun violence. Art exists to help us think about life’s more serious matters, yes. But also to help us get lost and forget them.

  10. Stop complaining, you losers just haven’t earned it yet babies.

  11. The Queen is Cold.

  12. The Seattle show was fantastic as was the Santa Barbara show I saw last year. GUESS I’VE BEEN LUCKY. MOZ RULES.

  13. Too bad Billy Idol wasn’t there to open. He would have done a full set and two encores …. with his shirt off.
    And the on-stage comments would have been priceless.

  14. Morrissey is a precious commodity and he cannot risk getting sick this early in the world tour. His health is of the utmost importance, as it has been fragile in the recent past. He is truly a legend and deserves our patience and respect. Cant wait to see him at the Hollywood Bowl, as this might be his final appearances in los Angeles!

  15. Singers – particularly singers in their late 50’s at the start of a tour – need to protect their voices. To those who criticise, maybe first go outside when it’s the same temperature, sing for 90 minutes straight and see how much your nose is running and your voice is holding up afterwards. And then go and do it again the following night and the night after that, etc, etc.

    I’ve been to a show cancelled by Morrissey on health grounds, so I know first hand the disappointment. However, knowing that he’s had some serious health issues in the past and how gruelling touring can be, maybe by protecting himself from unacceptable and subpar performance conditions for one show, he’s greatly increasing the probability of being able to successfully complete all other shows.

    Sometimes there are tour insurance requirements to protect your health to consider too. Just sayin’…

  16. It had nothing to do with him I know for a fact that you cannot play some instruments below a certain temp. For goodness sakes stop belittling the man. I mean i could understand everyone’s frustration and disappointments but I think Morrissey himself could handle the temps.

  17. Morrissey (Canceled due to heating system?) 11/05/17 47°
    Kindey Buckinghame 10/15/17 47°
    Lee Brice 10/07/17 46°
    Katie Garibaldi 12/03/16 37°!
    The Monkees 10/22/16 45°
    Doobie Brothers 10/21/16 45°
    I think Vina Robles Heating System works just fine.

  18. Really? REALLY? Since when does ANY performer “OWE” anything to ANYBODY? Yes, it sucked that he bounced. It was too cold for him. If it was an HOUR after he was supposed to start, u don’t think they attempted to salvage the show? Ok, so some drove for a few hours. HE CAME FROM ANOTHER FUCKING COUNTRY!! Do you all honestly believe he came, promoted, and arrived at the venue KNOWING he’d leave? It was a waste of time for HIM AS WELL! I unfortunately (finally admitting to everybody that wasn’t with us) kinda started the whole tiny riot that happened at the Greek when moz had to leave cuz we grabbed his shirt and pulled….(still have the piece of shirt!) and almost took him offstage. He was nice enough to lean in for a handshake and I was a dick and pulled him. I guess from a (back then) big 300lb 6” bald Mexican…it’s kinda scary. (Sorry everybody who went that night YEARS ago during the Maladjusted tour) Now try not to bitch about it, cuz we were TRAPPED in the parking lot for over 3hrs. Even had to walk to the observatory to kill time to get out! Now THAT sux. Halfway through, he left cuz of us, and NO refunds of any kind cuz he was on for awhile. Dude was cold yo….deal with it. He’s in his 50’s, has health issues, and tries his best.

  19. Johnny Marr was The Smiths. Morrissey was just a tag-a-long.

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