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Fans of The Cure stitch together full concert filmed on phones — and are giving it away

Nearly 1,000 fans of The Cure contributed video and photos to a project by a Polish fansite to stitch together an enormous amateur multicam of the band’s Oct. 20, 2016, concert in Łódź, Poland — and they’re now offering the nearly 3-hour film as a free download to fellow fanatics.

The project was undertaken by fansite, which released the completed film last month. The organizers say their goal was to assemble the best quality audio and video possible, and in doing so, they gathered more than 350GB of footage “from phone clips to Blu-ray and 4K quality files.” They also obtained near-soundboard audio to use over that footage.

That effort has produced a full document of the 31-song, 2-hour-43-minute concert — which you can download in a variety of video formats, including HD, from the link below.

LINK: Download the full Lodz multicam

UPDATE: The full concert has now been uploaded to YouTube, and you can watch it below.



Setlist: The Cure, Atlas Arena, Łódź, Poland, 10/20/16

1. “Plainsong”
2. “Pictures of You”
3. “Closedown”
4. “High”
5. “A Night Like This”
6. “The Walk”
7. “Push”
8. “In Between Days”
9. “Boys Don’t Cry”
10. “Charlotte Sometimes”
11. “The End of the World”
12. “Lovesong”
13. “Friday I’m in Love”
14. “Just Like Heaven”
15. “The Last Day of Summer”
16. “Want”
17. “From the Edge of the Deep Green Sea”
18. “One Hundred Years”
19. “Disintegration”

20. “It Can Never Be the Same”
21. “Burn”
22. “A Forest”

Encore 2:
23. “Shake Dog Shake”
24. “Fascination Street”
25. “Never Enough”
26. “Wrong Number”

Encore 3:
27. “The Lovecats”
28. “Lullaby”
29. “The Caterpillar”
30. “Close to Me”
31. “Why Can’t I Be You?”





  1. I wish someone would do this with the 1st night in Chicago and the the Kansas City shows.

  2. Encore 3! The best ever

  3. Too bad they got one of the setlists with almost no rare tracks. Would have loved any if the album tracks from the top or KMKMKM or any of the bsides they’d been playing since 2012….at least they got Burn.

  4. I was at both Chicago shows. They were great. The Austin show too.

  5. Any word on if The Cure are working on anything new?

  6. All very well, but they did nick the idea off Radiohead, who offered a mixing-desk recording of their Prague show in 2009 to a fan site, who cobbled together fan footage to form a full show recording back in a time when this tech was new. Go to

  7. They didn’t nick anything. This was made by fans, compiling different shots, the other was offered by the band.

  8. cool end product – but it endorses people taking video & holding that goddamned thing in my view the whole show.

  9. This is really excellent, thanks everyone. :-) We live in the middle of nowhere and don’t get to see bands like this ordinarily. My husband was lucky enough to catch The Cure live before we met but unfortunately we completely missed the fact that they were playing Perth in 2016 because we were building our farmhouse and up to our eyeballs in a typical owner-builder mire, or we would actually have made the trip. Grrrr… Thanks though for this project, which makes up for it somewhat. Completely impressed with the lights and backdrops in this, by the way – beautifully done. Excellent band and a midlife discovery for me! <3

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