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Is Robert Smith cooking up something big for The Cure’s 40th anniversary next year?

Next year marks the 40th anniversary of The Cure’s recording debut, a milestone that’s already got fans wondering whether bandleader Robert Smith is preparing something special — speculation both aided and fueled by social media postings from current and former members.

To be certain, nothing formally has been announced, though the anniversary has not gone unnoticed by The Cure. The band this week put a 40th anniversary calendar on sale, and declared via social media that it would be clearing out all 2016 tour merchandise from its web store “by next week.”

Though The Cure’s roots date back a few years earlier, the 40th anniversary presumably is tied to the 1978 release of debut single “Killing an Arab,” which was followed the next year by Three Imaginary Boys.

The announcement of the calendar got fans wondering, and one tweeted at founding member Lol Tolhurst and raised the “wild idea” of a 40th anniversary concert in London. Tolhurst responded, “You would be surprised how many wild ideas are happening in 2018” before adding, three days later, “my lips are sealed” when prompted for more information.



UPDATE: On Nov. 30, Tolhurst tweeted again, clarifying that his original tweet about “wild ideas” was not a reference to plans by The Cure: “It would be nice, but so far Robert and I have not talked about that.”



The day after Tolhurst’s initial tweet, guitarist Reeves Gabrels — who joined The Cure in 2012 — posted a photo to Instagram of his guitar and amps with the caption “and so it begins…” That, too, got fans wondering whether he’s gearing up to record or rehearse with The Cure, though Gabrels also has his own band and has played with all manner of musicians over the years.

He’s posted several more gear shots since then, including photo of somebody at a drum kit and a short video, uploaded just yesterday, of himself playing a bluesy, very un-Cure-like solo.


and so it begins…

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So what might Robert Smith and The Cure be up to?

Well, a new tour seems the most likely scenario, since that’s largely all the band has done since the release of 2008’s 4.13 Dream. The Cure took 2017 off, following an extensive, and very well-received, world tour the year before. It could be time to make good on 2014’s plans for another series of “Trilogy”-style concerts (Smith announced, but never followed through with, plans to perform The TopThe Head on the Door and Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me in their entireties that year).

Those plans, though unfulfilled, followed the 2002 performances of Pornography, Disintegration and Bloodflowers and the 2011 “Reflections” concerts with performances of Three Imaginary Boys, Seventeen Seconds and Faith — the latter concerts featuring appearances by the long-estranged Tolhurst.

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There’s also the possibility of new releases as well. Earlier this year, we detailed a whole list of things — albums, DVDs, reissues — that Smith has announced (some more formally the others) in recent years, only to never be mentioned again. That includes the 4.13 Dream companion album 4.14 Scream (once just “a few months” from release). The band did premiere a pair of new songs on the 2016 tour — unusual in and of itself for The Cure — though it’s not known if they were part of that record, or something else.

For fans, it’s certainly promising to think Tolhurst — coming off his excellent memoir “Cured: The Tale of Two Imaginary Boys” — might be involved in any grand 40th anniversary plans for 2018. Yet it’s always good to remember that Robert Smith is quite well known for changing his mind — even when it means abandoning sometimes-grand plans for The Cure.

So keep an eye on the recently reactivated A Chain of Flowers — an invaluable resource — for further reading of the tea leaves. And here’s a recent look by Spanish site Muzikalia at some of the speculation around possible 40th anniversary activities by The Cure.

How would you like to see The Cure celebrate its 40th anniversary next year? Feel free to offer up your suggestions in the comments section below.





  1. It’s been almost 10 years since RS put out new Cure music. A DECADE. I’m all for more shows, but come on let’s hear something new.

  2. They have new/unreleased material. They proved on their previous tour they can still sell out stadiums. They sounded amazing on that tour. They have a TON of stuff they could do (reissues, box sets, dvds, trilogy tour etc) but it all comes down to if Robert wants to do it. I find it hard to believe that they will do a 40th anniversary calendar and just call it a celebration.

  3. I’m voting for a 3 day Cure-fest in parkland somewhere near Crawley, playing all recorded material with 12hs onstage.
    Also features big screenings of Oranage, Trilogy, just-released Reflections DVD, Carnage Visors and a battle of Cure impersonator bands.

  4. A new Curiosa 40 festival with lots of good bands. Loved the original Curiosa with Muse, Cooper Temple Clause, and many others!!

    • Chris in Philly

      Good call, Daniel! BST Hyde Park show in July with Interpol, Editors, Ride, Slowdive, & Goldfrapp announces overnight. Two hour headlining Cure set. What a lineup!

  5. How about that Wish vinyl reissue?

  6. Would be great to see all the BBC sessions on vinyl.

  7. Chris in Philly

    Considering that Reeves was not just the guitarist but also the musical director while with Bowie and organized the Bowie birthday concert, in which Robert also participated, it wouldn’t surprise me if The Cure had a similar anniversary show that might bring back former members on stage for some songs and famous friends for some others. It would probably be one night only in London, and there could still be other “wild ideas” like another album and tour and/or DVD release. if this happens, I hope it’s pay-per-view or some other option like periscoped so that fans around the world can be part of the fun that night.

    • That would certainly be awesome. I´d be down for that Bowie type celebration. But i think Robert is not thaaat kind of guy to celebrate stuff in a grandiose manner.

    • Fuck Periscope!! I want it on Pay Per View….if you’re gonna dream….do it right!!!LOL!!

      • Chris in Philly

        That show would have great entertainment value to me, there is a precedent with “On Stage, Off Stage, and More”, and I wouldn’t complain if I had to pay something reasonable to be present “virtually”. If it’s a one-off event further than 100 miles from Philly, I almost certainly wouldn’t be able to take the time away from my wife and kids and work regardless of price. If it’s streamed the quality will probably suffer. But whether they do something like this or whatever else they dream up, I’ll be happy for anything they offer and know our time with them is drawing to a close…

  8. Invitations by lottery to listening parties of Cure LPs & singles. Parties feature relevant members of The Cure who will discuss and perform the music. Like an extended series of Storytellers of The Cure. Each party is livestreamed on The Cure’s website.

    • Fantastic idea! My wife and I started playing guitar a couple years ago and would love to play some Cure songs for the boys.

  9. Stephanie E Cannon

    I don’t care what it is, what it consists of, as long as it’s new music, new world tour, or ANYTHING by them, I am happy!!! I’ve loved them since I was 14, saw them once in concert, but never appreciated the actual length, amazing performances, and all over greatness of the band!!
    Love, love, love them and would love to meet all of them in person and hear their beautiful English accents!!

  10. Well, I’d love to hear some new material on the likes of “It can never be the same” that was performed during the 2016 tour, cause (to be honest) as much as I tried and gave the last two albums a try, I never really managed to like them. And I would hate to know that the Cure’s excellent discography’s swansong would be 4:13 Dream when I is abloslutely positive that the can do much much better!

    In addition it is always a wonderful time to watch the Cure perform live. So a world tour with a 40th anniversay setlist, combining tracks from all albums and maybe a few more rarities like the 2016 tour This Twilight Garden and Kyoto Song (best moments for me during the Milan shows in 2016).

  11. My wish: The Cure release a new album that’s better than Disintegration and Robert finally reveals that he created the universe. Then they do a 90 date tour that sells out everywhere they play, they do a private gig in my backyard for my wife and me and my kids, and finally the band shoot off into space in a rocket ship to investigate the cosmos.

  12. Donna Spears

    I would love to see them again, and would love to see them bring back all of the members. One can hope!!

  13. There’s plenty I want from my favorite band and I’d love a new album, but I’d settle to finally have the Wish remaster. Been waiting for the extras for so damn long now.

  14. The Wish reissue with one or two bonus CDs of 1991 demos, instrumentals, Lost Wishes and live songs. The original versions Wendy Time and The Big Hand need to be released as they are far superior to the 1992 versions. The Town and Country show from January 1991 should also be issued.

  15. Samantha Roberts

    I really, really would love to see a release of all their music videos throughout their years of awesome music or another tour. ( Fingers crossed)

  16. Saw them in NYC last year before that was a Trilogy show in Berlin before that Wembley Prayer Tour…Im foaming at the mouth for another Tour plus new album soon…dont think I’ll be alive to wait another 10 years to see them! :)

  17. Let’s start small: a listenable single. Love the band, but it’s been a while.

  18. See…and let’s be honest even as I read all these dreams and wishes…these comments are riddled with complaints, criticism, and nasty commentary and yet some of you wonder.

    • Fair point. But it’s because people care. You would be hard pressed to find many bands whose fans are as heavily emotionally invested, for as long a period, as the Cure. They’ve been one of those rare life-defining bands. And just like life (and come to think of it, drugs), the highs have been really high and the lows, way low. We’re just really hoping for another great fix.

  19. Edward Morales

    This might be a predictable suggestion, but The Cure should compile a 2-disc, 40-track career-spanning compilation, plus a complete video collection on DVD, or perhaps remastering their entire catalog, including the albums from WISH-onward that haven’t been re-released yet (I know that stuff is online, and I’m so old-school about it, but it would be a nice way to celebrate their 40th anniversary).

    Here’s what I’d like to see:

    The Cure: Best 1978-2018
    Disc 1:
    1. Killing Another (new recording)
    2. 10:15 Saturday Night
    3. Boys Don’t Cry
    4. Jumping Someone Else’s Train
    5. A Forest
    6. Play For Today
    7. Primary
    8. Other Voices
    9. Charlotte Sometimes
    10. The Hanging Garden
    11. Let’s Go To Bed
    12. The Walk
    13. The Lovecats
    14. The Caterpillar
    15. Inbetween Days
    16. Close To Me
    17. A Night Like This
    18. Why Can’t I Be You
    19. Catch
    20. Just Like Heaven
    21. Hot! Hot! Hot!
    Disc 2:
    1. Lullaby
    2. Fascination Street
    3. Love Song
    4. Pictures Of You
    5. Never Enough
    6. Close To Me (closest mix)
    7. High
    8. Friday I’m In Love
    9. A Letter To Elise
    10. The 13th
    11. Mint Car
    12. Strange Attraction
    13. Gone!
    14. Wrong Number
    15. Maybe Someday
    16. Cut Here
    17. Just Say Yes
    18. alt.end
    19. Sleep When I’m Dead

    Again, just a suggestion, not real.

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