Tour Dates — December 4, 2017 at 3:32 pm

Morrissey cancels tonight’s Philadelphia concert ‘due to illness in the touring party’

Stop me if you think… never mind. Morrissey, who had gone nearly a month since canceling a concert, has postponed tonight’s performance at The Fillmore in Philadelphia “due to illness in the touring party,” the venue announced via Twitter just hours before showtime.

The venue promises a rescheduled date will be announced soon, though, as Moz’s fans know all too well, that often never happens. The Philadelphia date was to be Morrissey’s penultimate U.S. show; he is scheduled to wrap the tour Thursday in Boston.



The cancellation comes almost exactly a month after the former Smiths singer pulled the plug on concert in Paso Robles, Calif., because because it was too cold — temperatures reportedly were in the 40s — and the venue’s on-stage heating system wasn’t working.

That concert has not been rescheduled.

Always a risky ticket buy, Morrissey’s tours have grown more trouble-plagued in recent years. This past spring, he canceled his third concert in San Antonio, Texas, in just six months after his voice went out. And that came after his U.S. tour in late 2016 was beset with cancellations and reschedulings after keyboard player Gustavo Manzur fell ill before a show in Boulder, Colo.

Morrissey released his latest album, Low in High School, last month.





  1. HalloweenJack

    Even lyrical pun jokes are now old. His show and cause has become a comical farce. I’m surprised people still care about this 16 stone clown.
    Someone should throw a warm meat pie in his face.

  2. And I just got the news at the venue door.
    On the plus side, I got my parking money back. I checked the venue/online JUST before it was announced. Strike 2 Moz (cancelled Tower gig from a few years back was Strike 1)

  3. Wish he would have cancelled the MSG concert last Saturday, horrible. It was the first time seeing him and the last. I give him a year and he will do a reunion tour with the Smiths.

  4. Geuss he spent the day in bed….

  5. RollingThrough

    It obviously sucks when a musician cancels last minute, but with a Morrissey concert, in 2017, no one should be surprised. If the concert actually completes, THAT should be the surprise.

  6. Morrisey cancels a concert: dog bites man.

  7. Morrisey cancels a concert: dog bites man.

  8. He’s always ill. He needs a good steak.

  9. MoznMarr4ever

    I love how his fans bitch about a cancellation. That to me is comical.

    Like no one in the band is human? Like no one is allowed to be sick? That your $50-300 tickets are worth 2 hours of agony from the band cuz in your mind the show must go on…

    If you love the band you buy ticket you go. If your show gets cancelled get refund or wait to go to rescheduled show.


    But there are the drama queens and kings that whine on social media… Oh i will never go to his show Again….how dare he….or classic morrissey….or hey lets make a t shirt about his concerts being cancelled.

    You realize that the majority shake their heads at you and think you are a blubbering crybaby right? That you don’t even deserve to be a fan cuz you come off as a hipster wagon hater / weekend moz fan / only a fan when he’s touring cuz its trendy.
    Quite pathetic.

    • Pi$$ off!

    • HalloweenJack

      Speaking of hipster, MoznMarr4ever… get over your false idols and give up your Smiths dream! You can see real true artists for half the price perform – rain or shine, sick or well. How many times has this touring party been ill in recent years? That prat should take it as a sign and call it quits once and for all. You think if Moz broke his foot, that he would continue to perform seated in a cast? No – tour inevitably cancelled. I fully agree with Pandeux below.

      Unfortunately, the truth is anyone who has worked closely with him knows he deliberately goes out of his way to cause difficulty for others.

  10. His boyfriend is in a coma I know….I know it’s really serious. Diva. I’m over him.

  11. Just call it a day Morrissey. I am such a HUGE SMITHS FAN AND A FAN OF HIS FIRST HALF OF HIS SOLO CAREER…but I find all of this to be… as his royal moanfulness would say ‘so tired’. Morrissey needs to go away and leave us with his amazing legacy… avoiding tarnishing it as much as possible.

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