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The Cure to mark 40th anniversary with new documentary: ‘Robert himself will tell the story’

Film director Tim Pope finally let the cat out of the bag, today announcing plans to collaborate with Robert Smith on a “feature-length, chronological documentary of The Cure’s history from the 1970s via present day to the future” — a project that promises to include never-before-seen footage.

In a series of tweets, Pope — who directed most of The Cure’s videos through the ’80s and ’90s — says,  “Robert himself will tell the story and this will work alongside other events for the band’s 40-year celebration.” The film will include ” a cornucopia of material from Robert’s collection which has never been seen before: Super-8; interviews; bootlegs; rare performances; behind-the-scenes, blah.”

Pope offered no details on when the film might be released. Just yesterday, The Cure announced plans for a giant, festival-style 40th anniversary concert in London next summer with a lineup that includes Interpol, Goldfrapp, Editors, Ride, Slowdive and more. What else the band has planned has yet to be revealed.

Here are Pope’s tweets about the project, which he had been teasing in recent days:








  1. Denise Bubonic

    Fantastic! And another California concert please?

  2. The Cure phenomenon all over again. After following the music of The Cure since the late seventies and then not listening to them quite so much in the last decade or so, I am thrilled to hear about their 40th anniversary bash next summer, and bummed at the same time because I live in the states. Not that easy to just buy a ticket to go see them.
    About a year ago I picked up Disintegration again, put on the big headphones, not those little earbuds, turned off the lights,cranked up the volume and closed my eyes. I was transported back to my youth. There have been so many great bands and music over the last 40 years, but one of the truly EPIC MASTERPIECES,is The Cure’s 1989 Disintegration. Followed closely by Bloodflowers in 2000, of course this is my opinion and I’m not an idiot to know others don’t have their own opinions of great music and bands. The Cure meant something more to me than just a great band and great music.
    Disintegration is a truly EPIC MASTERPIECE.
    You have to listen to Disintegration more than once to understand the poetry that is Robert Smith’s songwriting. Listen to it again, and then one more time. You won’t be able to stop. You’ll want to listen to it some more. There’s so much happening with the music you can’t simultaneously take in the lyrics on the first pass.
    I had to get past the jaw dropping awe of what I was hearing the first couple of times I played it, before I could even take in and try to understand the lyrics. I don’t just mean because of Robert Smith’s gorgeous, English accent, but for me RS lyrics in several songs at that time in my life had a profoundly, moving, emotional, lasting, impact on me (I don’t think I can put any more adjectives in a single compounding sentence).
    You don’t have to be a “The Cure” follower to know your hearing something extraordinary. In my opinion it’s a truly epic masterpiece. For others maybe just a Greeeeeat album. Sorry, but Great,is about as low a compliment as I can give this album.
    I’m so bummed I live in the states (for more reasons than I care to comprehend). Not being able to see The Cure in Hyde Park next summer, what could be at any time, the last time I might have a chance to see them 1 last time,is depressing.
    I will be following up on every piece of News,bits of information I can find or happen across, and live vicariously through that medium.
    I look forward to seeing Tim Pope and Robert Smith’s film creation, and whatever else they are working on. For those of you who are lucky enough to be there next summer I’m envious. Have a fantastic, great time.
    A true “The Cure” admirer and follower.
    Rock on RS & TC for many more shows to come.
    Thanks to those who actually got through this and gave it an audience. I don’t pretend to be a Robert Smith

  3. Oh please Robert. We’re waiting for you in Chicago. <3

  4. daniele pecoraro

    quanto costa il biglietto per il concerto di londra ed in Italia come posso acquistarlo.

  5. Robert Smith Atlanta or Charlotte NC please!!!!!!!!!!!! The Cure is simply put …..Genius!. You guys have inspired so many through your legendary catalogue!!!!! Your guitar work is masterful. Happy 40th boys. Come to America or this boy will cry!

  6. Concert à Dax comme en 86 stp Robert thank…..

  7. I saw the Cure when I was 16 in Pasadena at the Perkins Palace between Porngraghy and The Walk , it was captivating , beautiful sound with passionate singing presence of Mr. Smith. The cures music will always be in my heart.. I was lucky enough to see them again at the Hollywood Bowl in 2016 again I was spellbound by Roberts guitar ability. I hope I would get another chance to witness the color and sound of them , Robert may sunshine down for a long time to come .

  8. 2016 tour was great. Wouldn’t bug them for more shows but I would love to finally have the Wish remaster in 2018….

  9. Rob – the Cure – ihre Musik begleited mich schon gute 30 Jahre. Ich kann sie immer und überall hören: vertraut, eindringlich und immer wieder Seelenbalsam. Ich möchte sie nicht missen. Deshalb mein Wunsch: go ahead and never stopp!

  10. I completely went off the Cure a few years ago after seeing what I can only describe as two of the most mindnumblingly boring concerts of theirs. As a live act I think they are incredibly self indulgent.
    However, this documentary sounds interesting and i do find Smith to be a fascinating figure.
    I wonder will it actually happen though? One of the most fascinating things about him is his habit of announcing projects and then….nothing happens.

  11. It’s the band that is horrible. They get an A for effort with three hour sets where they have been performing b-sides and rarities, but Reeves doesn’t fit their sound and never will. He is fucking dreadful. Cooper is also not particularly complimentary to their classic sound. Their instruments since 2004 have been garbage, too. All of these factors make it challenging to live up to expectations for many of us.

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