Concerts — December 26, 2017 at 7:55 am

Fan raising money to bring The Vapors to New York City for first U.S. gigs since early ’80s

A fan of the ’80s New Wave act The Vapors — known in the annals of one-hit-wonderdom for their purported masturbation ode “Turning Japanese” — has launched a crowdfuding effort to raise money to bring the reunited band to New York City to perform rare stateside concerts.

Evan Blonder, who lives on Long Island, launched the GoFundMe campaign in late November with the goal of raising $23,000 to help pay for visas, airline tickets, lodging, etc., for the band and crew to perform three concerts in New York City. So far, the effort — which the band is supporting — has raised about $6,500.

As is the norm with these types of campaigns, fans who kick in money qualify for a wide variety of perks (though not tickets to the shows themselves), including meet-and-greets, entry to soundcheck and more.

Blonder writes on the campaign’s GoFundMe page:

“I invite you to be part of what could become a little bit of musical history. The first time for over 35 years, The Vapors will play on USA soil and possibly the last. If you are a Vapors fan or just a fan of live music please join me and lets try and make this happen.”

The Vapors, who released studio albums in 1980 and 1981 before disbanding, reunited in 2016 to perform dates in the U.K. and Ireland. Original members Dave Fenton, Ed Bazelgette and Steve Smith were joined by drummer Michael Bowes filling in for Howard Smith.

To contribute to the effort to bring The Vapors to the U.S., visit Blonder’s GoFundMe page.




  1. Can they still sing that song without getting picketed by college students?

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