Video — January 4, 2018 at 8:09 am

Listen: Simple Minds debut ‘Magic’ — first single off upcoming ‘Walk Between Worlds’

Simple Minds today offered up the first taste of the band’s forthcoming album Walk Between Worlds, debuting an effects- and mirror-heavy music video for “Magic,” the driving first single off the new record, which is due out Feb. 2 via BMG. You can check the song out below.

The group’s publicists describe “Magic” as “a song about faith, especially the faith the band possessed in their own abilities during their formative years.” The track will be followed by the release next week of “The Signal and The Noise,” which “revisits the glassy guitars and new wave grooves of the post-punk era, a period when a prolific Simple Minds came to cult prominence through their truly groundbreaking albums.”

Walk Between Worlds will be Simple Minds’ first collection of new songs since 2014’s Big Music, and the band will premiere the material at special three-part concerts in the U.K. and Europe following the record’s release. The group also has announced summer dates with The Pretenders in the U.K.

Check out the new single below.






  1. I liked the song and thought the video was DOPE! I DO believe in Magic so that is icing on the cake for me!

  2. Joey JJJ Shabadoo

    Don’t like the fx on his voice and the whole thing sounds way too overproduced.

  3. aaaaaaaaahhh this is was really good in too many ways!like the music! video! song!

  4. Awful. Coldplay would be proud.

  5. So Jim Kerr and Charlie Burchill are the only two original members left. It’s so funny to think now that I saw them live in the fall of 1982 for the New Gold Dream tour. Wish I could go back to those days.

  6. DJ Shepherd

    I agree with Joey: Threw waaaay too much into the production. I hope that the rest of the album holds some surprises, because this one is “meh” at best, regardless of eye-catching video.

  7. DJ Shepherd

    Having said that…..maybe it is time we did a song poll/ranking for Simple Minds ?!?!? Pretty please?

  8. Great idea DJ – A poll would be cool.

    Not sure what I think about the new song yet. Props to SM for still putting out stuff but sometimes seems like Jim and Charlie just keep wavering on what style to go with. Having two different “sides” to this album (not to mention that bizarre tour format with the interlude) just seems scattered.

    Still, wishing SM much success!

  9. Pure Garbage from this new clownshow, what a way to destroy a legacy

  10. I thought they were a Rock Band,yeah.I’m the same age as they are,I’ve could of come up with more better material than that.They ought to there sound coordinator,and give the fans something more refreshing,Hey

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