Cocteau Twins’ ‘Head Over Heels’ and ‘Treasure’ to be reissued on 180-gram vinyl

4AD this March continues its Cocteau Twins reissue series with new repressings of the dream-pop masters’ second and third albums — 1983’s Head Over Heels and 1984’s Treasure — on 180-gram heavyweight vinyl and in “digital HD audio” versions for the download enthusiasts out there.

The reissues, due out March 16, are available for pre-order via 4AD’s site, and the follow prior vinyl reissues of Blue Bell KnollHeaven or Las VegasTiny Dynamine / Echoes In A Shallow Bay and The Pink Opaque.

The Head Over Heels and Treasure repressings have been prepared using new masters created from high-definition files transferred form the original analog tapes, according to the label.

4AD’s product listings for the two reissues:

Head Over Heels

Released in late-1983, Head Over Heels is the Cocteau Twins’ second album and features classic tracks ‘Sugar Hiccup’ and ‘Musette And Drums’.

Coming not long after original bassist Will Heggie had departed the band, the chemistry between remaining members Elizabeth Fraser and Robin Guthrie was flourishing.  By moving the band on from the starkness of their debut, they were now making the music that would help them define the decade ahead; her wordless, dreamlike vocals a powerful instrument over his lush, textured guitars.


The band returned to being a trio in 1984 with guitarist Simon Raymonde joining their ranks in time for third album, Treasure.

Produced by Robin Guthrie and featuring tracks ‘Lorelei’, ‘Ivo’ and ‘Persephone’, Treasure is often celebrated as one of the band’s finest works.  As Pitchfork put it when including the album in their Top 100 Albums of the 1980s, “Treasure was titled simply enough.  An adjective for the endlessly inventive melodic lines you’d find buried in these songs, and a verb for what you’d do with them for years to come.”



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  • HumanCobras


  • UE405

    Hopefully you were all high as kites the first time you heard Treasure, and had your mind completely blown like I did. All these years later, still an experience like no other — Treasure indeed.

    Following a train of thought: Robin Guthrie’s been pretty quiet lately, to our loss. He produced the new Heligoland which is quite good, but no new albums of his own for some time now. Would be great if he resurfaces with something new in 2018!

    • My computer crashed and I lost ALL my Guthrie solo albums, among a slew of others. To say I’m crushed would be an understatement.

    • CakeSaint

      Did you hear the “Universal Road” album that Robin did with Mark Gardener of Ride in 2015? Pretty good, imo.

  • Mat G

    I want victorialand and robins solo effort continental on freaking vinyl!!!! I love treasure and head over heals but I got them on vinyl and need Vic…. where the f is vic???!!!



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