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Shriekback asks fans to help bring ‘epic production’ to U.S. for summer tour

Shriekback circa 2017

After successfully crowdfunding its return to the stage for the first time in a quarter-century last year, Shriekback is now setting its sights on America. Looking to mount a rare U.S. tour this summer, the band — led by Barry Andrews and Carl Marsh — is again turning to its fans.

Shriekback has launched a Kickstarter campaign seeking to raise about $93,000 to help bring the eight-piece band to the U.S. for an unspecific number of concerts this June. So far, the effort has raised nearly $20,000 toward funding travel, accommodation and visa costs, according to the group.

Last year, the Andrews announced plans to perform Shriekback’s first live shows in nearly 25 years, and asked fans to help fund U.K. and European dates over the summer. That raised about $58,000. The band that toured in 2017 featured the core of Andrews on keyboards/vocals, Marsh on guitar/vocals, and Martyn Baker on drums, plus Steve Halliwell on guitar/keyboards, Mike Cozzi on guitar, Wendy and Sarah Partridge on vocals, and Scott Firth of Public Image Ltd. on bass.

Dave Allen, the former Gang of Four bassist who co-founded Shriekback with Andrews in 1981, has not been participating in the live reunion, though has been supportive of it.

“Now what we really want to do is bring this epic production to America, so we’re going to need your help,” Marsh says in the video pitch that accompanies the band’s Kickstarter.

As is usually the case, fans who contribute via Kickstarter are eligible for a variety of perks, from a download of Shriekback’s new album to passes to the shows to dinner with the band.

Check out Shriekback’s video pitch below — with live footage filmed on tour last summer.

And, to contribute, head over to Kickstarter.






  1. The reintegration of Carl Marsh bodes well, their strongest period by far being the Jam Science/Oil and Gold days and the records preceding. After Marsh left things took a pretty dumb turn with Go Bang, and the band kind of meandered after that with neither edge nor purpose.

  2. I am thinking about kicking in just a bit, even though they almost certainly will play nowhere near me, because the world is unquestionably a better place with a reunited Shriekback in it.

    • I see they’ve posted some rarities as free downloads on their website — various live tracks, and the excellent B-side “Gated Joy.” Haven’t heard that one in at least 25 years!

  3. Half way in and I am FREAKING OUT. I never saw them back when they toured outside of the Southeast when I seem to live, so I am ready to go to Chicago to see them this year… if they can manage it. And right now it sure doesn’t look that way. Will kick in $50 next pay period when the slack is there. Hopefully it can come together, but right now? Scary!

  4. Joey Buckles

    Yeah, I asked for Barry an autograph years ago at a show in Pittsburgh, and he said “sorry, I don’ t sign bits of paper”. Guess what Barry? I don’t send bits of paper. Should have saved your money.

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