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The Cure’s ‘Torn Down’ 2LP Record Store Day release features 16 new remixes by Robert Smith

With the full list of Record Store Day releases now out in the wild, the nature of The Cure’s Mixed Up sequel Torn Down that we first reported over the weekend is now clear: The 2LP picture disc will include 16 brand-new remixes of Cure songs prepared by Robert Smith himself.

The Record Store Day editions of 1990’s Mixed Up and the new Torn Down — that’s the cover art at the top of the page — are both 2LP picture discs. Mixed Up is newly remastered by Smith himself, though it is not being released “on vinyl for the very first time,” as Record Store Day’s listing says. A total of 7,750 copies are being released worldwide for each of these Record Store Day titles.

Torn Down features remixes of one song off each of The Cure’s 13 studio albums, from opener “Three Imaginary Boys,” the title track to the band’s 1979 debut, to “It’s Over,” off 2008’s 4.13 Dream. Also thrown in: new mixes of B-side “Just One Kiss,” off 1983 compilation Japanese Whispers; “Never Enough,” the new song that appeared on Mixed Up; and “Cut Here,” a new song included on 2001’s Greatest Hits.

The 11th annual Record Store Day falls on April 21 this year; visit the U.S. Record Store Day and U.K. Record Store Day websites for full lists of releases and participating indie retailers.

Below, check out the full tracklist for Torn Down.


Tracklist: The Cure, Torn Down: Mixed Up Extras 2018

Side A
1. “Three Imaginary Boys”
2. “M”
3. “The Drowning Man”
4. “A Strange Day”

Side B
1. “Just One Kiss”
2. “Shake Dog Shake”
3. “A Night Like This”
4. “Like Cockatoos”

Side C
1. “Plainsong”
2. “Never Enough”
3. “From The Edge Of The Deep Green Sea”
4. “Want”

Side D
1. “The Last Day Of Summer”
2. “Cut Here”
3. “Lost”
4. “It’s Over”

* All tracks newly remixed by Robert Smith





  1. Disappointed about the fact that Torn Down will be released as picture discs, especially since the content alone seems like it would be enough to stoke interest in this release without the gimmick of having them on picture discs, a format which nearly always has sub-par audio quality. My past (but admittedly anecdotal) experience has led me to believe most fans feel the same about this format. Do the artists and record labels really think that a picture disc would be preferred over a standard vinyl release?

  2. *from

  3. Hoping to see a CD release for both of these

  4. Thomas Mulvihill

    There will be non picture discs versions released later after record store day just like the greatest hits and the acoustic hits lp sets, cd formats will follow as well.

    • Source for that info?

    • exactly. source that! I’m still fuming over buying a whole turntable and the new order music complete box set to get the allegedly exclusive remix album that was later released….though I did get a signed box set, but STILL. The cost and aggravation that ensues is particularly annoying. And I second above, picture discs and colored vinyl are crap audio formats and another reason I truly despise RSD.

  5. Brian Barker

    I’d like to see confirmation too, concerning regular editions coming out later, but I’m 99.9% positive they will based on last year. Too much demand for Cure product out there to not.

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