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Wire preps demo-packed expanded reissues of ‘Pink Flag,’ ‘Chairs Missing’ and ‘154’

Seminal post-punk act Wire will reissue its first three records — 1977’s Pink Flag, 1978’s Chairs Missing and 1979’s 154 — in May with each remastered album packaged in a special book and featuring one or more bonus discs filled with studio demos and previously unreleased material.

The 2- and 3-disc expanded reissues are due out May 19 via Wire’s own label, and can be pre-ordered now on the band’s website, The group notes that these forthcoming special editions will be sold on CD in record stores, but the bonus material will not be released digitally.

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Each album will be housed in an 80-page hardback book about the size of a 7-inch single, but thicker. The book features text by Jon Savage and Graham Duff, plus recording details, lyrics and new interviews with bandmembers Colin Newman, Graham Lewis, Robert Grey and Bruce Gilbert.

The albums themselves are then supplanted with copious bonus material, including singles, B-sides, demos and “many previously unreleased songs.” The music is all remastered, or, as the band says, “in some cases mastered for the first time.” Pink Flag is a 2-disc set, while Chairs Missing and 154 span three discs.

See full tracklists below.


Tracklist: Wire, Pink Flag

Disc 1: Original Album
1. “Reuters”
2. “Field Day For The Sundays”
3. “Three Girl Rhumba”
4. “Ex Lion Tamer”
5. “Lowdown”
6. “Start To Move”
7. “Brazil”
8. “It’s So Obvious”
9. “Surgeon’s Girl”
10. “Pink Flag”
11. “The Commercial”
12. “Straight Line”
13. “106 Beats That”
14. “Mr Suit”
15. “Strange”
16. “Fragile”
17. “Mannequin”
18. “Different To Me”
19. “Champs”
20. “Feeling Called Love”
21. “12XU”

Disc 2: Demos and Alternative Recordings
1. “The Commercial” (First Demo Sessions)
2. “Mr Suit” (First Demo Sessions)
3. “Pink Flag” (First Demo Sessions)
4. “Surgeon’s Girl” (Second Demo Sessions)
5. “Field Day For The Sundays” (Second Demo Sessions)
6. “106 Beats That” (Second Demo Sessions)
7. “Fragile” (Second Demo Sessions)
8. “Reuters” (Third Demo Sessions)
9. “Different To Me” (Third Demo Sessions)
10. “Ex Lion Tamer” (Third Demo Sessions)
11. “Mannequin” (Third Demo Sessions)
12. “Champs” (Third Demo Sessions)
13. “Start To Move” (Third Demo Sessions)
14. “Ex Lion Tamer” (Alt Mix)
15. “12XU” (Mono Mix)
16. “Mannequin” (Mono Mix)
17. “It’s So Obvious” (Alt Mix)


Tracklist: Wire, Chairs Missing

Disc 1: Original Album
1. “Practice Makes Perfect”
2. “French Film Blurred”
3. “Another the Letter”
4. “Men 2nd”
5. “Marooned”
6. “Sand in My Joints”
7. “Being Sucked in Again”
8. “Heartbeat”
9. “Mercy”
10. “Outdoor Miner”
11. “I Am the Fly”
12. “I Feel Mysterious Today”
13. “From The Nursery”
14. “Used To”
15. “Too Late”

Disc 2: Singles, B-Sides and Studio Recordings
1. “I Am The Fly” (Single Version)
2. “Dot Dash”
3. “Options R”
4. “Outdoor Miner” (Single Version)
5. “Practice Makes Perfect” (Single Version)
6. “Underwater Experiences” (Advision Version)

Disc 3: Studio Demos
1. “Practice Makes Perfect” (Fourth Demo Sessions)
2. “Oh No Not So” (Fourth Demo Sessions)
3. “Culture Vultures” (Fourth Demo Sessions)
4. “It’s The Motive” (Fourth Demo Sessions)
5. “Love Ain’t Polite” (Fourth Demo Sessions)
6. “French Film Blurred” (Version 1) (Fourth Demo Sessions)
7. “Sand In My Joints” (Fourth Demo Sessions)
8. “Too Late” (Fourth Demo Sessions)
9. “I Am The Fly” (Fourth Demo Sessions)
10. “Heartbeat” (Fourth Demo Sessions)
11. “Underwater Experiences” (Fourth Demo Sessions)
12. “Stalemate” (Fourth Demo Sessions)
13. “I Feel Mysterious Today” (Fourth Demo Sessions)
14. “Dot Dash” (Fifth Demo Sessions)
15. “French Film Blurred” (Version 2) (Fifth Demo Sessions)
16. “Options R” (Fifth Demo Sessions)
17. “Finistaire (Mercy)” (Fifth Demo Sessions)
18. “Marooned” (Fifth Demo Sessions)
19. “From The Nursery” (Fifth Demo Sessions)
20. “Indirect Enquiries” (Version 1) (Fifth Demo Sessions)
21. “Outdoor Miner” (Fifth Demo Sessions)
22. “Chairs Missing (Used To)” (Fifth Demo Sessions)
23. “Being Sucked In Again” (Fifth Demo Sessions)
24. “Men 2nd” (Fifth Demo Sessions)
25. “Another The Letter” (Fifth Demo Sessions)
26. “No Romans” (Fifth Demo Sessions)


Tracklist: Wire, 154

Disc 1: Original Album
1. “I Should Have Known Better”
2. “Two People In a Room”
3. “The 15th”
4. “The Other Window”
5. “Single K.O.”
6. “A Touching Display”
7. “On Returning”
8. “A Mutual Friend”
9. “Blessed State”
10. “Once Is Enough”
11. “Map Ref 41 Degrees N 93 Degrees W”
12. “Indirect Enquiries”
13. “40 Versions”

Disc 2: Singles, B-Sides and Studio Recordings
1. “A Question Of Degree” (Single)
2. “Former Airline” (Single)
3. “Go Ahead” (Single)
4. “Our Swimmer” (Single)
5. “Midnight Bahnhof Cafe” (Single)
6. “Our Swimmer” [2nd Length] (Single)
7. “Catapult 30” (Single)
8. “Song 1” (154 EP)
9. “Get Down 1 + 2” (154 EP)
10. “Let’s Panic Later” (154 EP)
11. “Small Electric Piece” (154 EP)

Disc 3: Studio Demos
1. “40 Versions” (Sixth Demo Sessions)
2. “Ignorance No Plea (I Should Have Known Better)” (Sixth Demo Sessions)
3. “Blessed State” (Sixth Demo Sessions)
4. “A Touching Display” (Sixth Demo Sessions)
5. “The 15th” (Sixth Demo Sessions)
6. “A Mutual Friend” (Sixth Demo Sessions)
7. “Once Is Enough” (Sixth Demo Sessions)
8. “The Other Window” (Sixth Demo Sessions)
9. “Stepping Off Too Quick” (Sixth Demo Sessions)
10. “Indirect Enquiries v2” (Sixth Demo Sessions)
11. “Map Ref. 41°N 93°W” (Sixth Demo Sessions)
12. “Single K.O.” (Sixth Demo Sessions)
13. “On Returning” (Sixth Demo Sessions)
14. “A Question Of Degree” (Sixth Demo Sessions)
15. “Former Airline” (Sixth Demo Sessions)
16. “Two People In A Room” (Sixth Demo Sessions)





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