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Premiere: Shriekback, ‘Catmandu’ — off new album ‘Why Anything? Why This?’

Photo by Nick Wright

After returning to the concert stage for the first time in a quarter century last year, Shriekback next will deliver its 14th studio album, with the 10-song collection Why Anything? Why This? — the group’s first in three years — due later this month.

Today we’re thrilled to premiere a track off that album: “Catmandu,” which you can stream in full below, is a vintage Shriekback slow-burn that’s big on dark mood and feel.



The band — led by co-founders Barry Andrews and Carl Marsh — will release Why Anything? Why This? on May 25, and the record can be pre-ordered now via the group’s official site.

Last year, Andrews announced plans to perform Shriekback’s first live shows in nearly 25 years, and asked fans to help fund U.K. and European dates over the summer. That raised about $58,000. The band that toured in 2017 featured the core of Andrews on keyboards/vocals, Marsh on guitar/vocals and Martyn Barker on drums, plus Steve Halliwell on guitar/keyboards, Mike Cozzi on guitar, Wendy and Sarah Partridge on vocals, and Scott Firth of Public Image Ltd. on bass.

Dave Allen, the former Gang of Four bassist who co-founded Shriekback with Andrews in 1981, has not been participating in the live reunion, though has been supportive of it.

Hoping to replicate its crowdsourcing success, Shriekback launched a Kickstarter campaign earlier this year seeking to raise about $93,000 to help bring the eight-piece band to the U.S. for an unspecific number of concerts this June. That effort failed, however, and raised less than half of the money the band sought to fund travel, accommodation and visa costs.

Nevertheless, Shriekback has completed its new album, which was written, performed and produced almost entirely by the core trio of Andrews, Marsh and Barker, with bass input from Firth and backing vocals from the Partridges.  The band promises fans “will hear more guitars and live drums and fewer loops and electronics. The sonic palette is very broad.”

Below, check out the full tracklist for the new album, and see the video for first single “And the Rain.”


Tracklist: Shriekback, Why Anything? Why This?

1. “Shovelheads”
2. “And The Rain”
3. “Catmandu”
4. “Such, Such Are The Joys”
5. “Wriggle And Drone”
6. “The Painter Paints”
7. “Useless Treasure”
8. “The Church Of The Louder Light”
9. “Sons Of The Dirt”
10. “Thirty Seven”






  1. Absolutely cannot wait for this one! Their last few albums have been magnificent. Familiar but inventive all the same.

  2. HumanCobras

    the songs sound good, but that video is just sad at best. Why do bands feel the need to just “stand there and sing” in a video. Be more creative than that.

    • Quasarsphere

      I’m guessing their video budget is pretty tiny. I’m fine with the “stand there and sing” thing, personally, but I don’t really give a toss about music videos.

      • I’m going to agree with you regarding videos. Only really interest is the music.

        But I must say, the Barry Andrews solo video for 14:1 is quite a thing.

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