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‘C89’ box set to feature The Stone Roses, The La’s, Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine

Cherry Red Records this summer continues its series of imagined sequels to the NME’s famed C86 cassette compilation with the release of the three-disc, 72-track C89 box set, featuring U.K. indie artists such as The Stone Roses, The La’s, Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine, The Mock Turtles, New Fast Automatic Daffodils, The Telescopes and more.

The box set, due out July 27, can be pre-ordered via Cherry Red, and follows Cherry Red’s expanded version of the original C86 compilation, released in 2014, and its follow-up multi-disc box sets C87 (which came out in 2016) and C88 (which arrived in 2017).

The label describes the new set:

C89 is another celebration of the Eighties Indie scene, documenting a golden era when tuneful guitar-based bands made records on shoestring budgets, often issued on small labels with hand-made artwork, with little hope of mainstream exposure.

See the full tracklist below.

Tracklist: Various artists, C89

Disc 1
1. The La’s, “Come In Come Out”
2. The Family Cat, “Tom Verlaine”
3. Milltown Brothers, “Which Way Should I Jump”
4. The Telescopes, “Nothing”
5. Brighter, “Inside Out”
6. New Fast Automatic Daffodils, “Lions”
7. Red Chair Fadeaway, “Let It Happen”
8. Korova Milk Bar, “Do It Again”
9. The Sun And The Moon, “Adam’s Song”
10. Bobby Scarlet, “White Pearl”
11. The Ogdens, “It’s A Beautiful Day”
12. The Seers, “Freedom Trip”
13. The Candy Darlings, “That’s Where Caroline Lives”
14. The Rainkings, “Break The Strain”
15. Po!, “Confidence”
16. The Bardots, “Sad Anne”
17. The Onset, “Sun And Moon”
18. The Ammonites, “Days In The Sun”
19. Rorschach, “Captain Elastic”
20. How Many Bears Make Five, “Another Friendly Face”
21. Hey Paulette, “Commonplace”
22. Jane Pow, “That’s My Girl”
23. Kit, “Cheatin’ My Heart”
24. Carter The Unstoppable Sex Machine, “Sheriff Fatman”

Disc 2
1. The Stone Roses, “Going Down”
2. The Popguns, “Waiting For The Winter”
3. The Mock Turtles, “Wicker Man”
4. The Orchids, “What Will We Do Next?”
5. The Man From Delmonte, “My Love Is Like A Gift You Can’t Return”
6. The Revolving Paint Dream, “Green Sea Blue”
7. The Pooh Sticks, “I Know Someone Who Knows Someone Who Knows Alan McGee Quite Well”
8. Bridewell Taxis, “Just Good Friends”
9. Another Sunny Day, “You Should All Be Murdered”
10. The Driscolls, “Doctor Good And His Incredible Life Saving Soap”
11. The Charlottes, “How Can You Say You Really Feel?”
12. Rebound Story, “Swimming In The Heart Of Jane”
13. The Prayers, “Fingerdips”
14. The Snapdragons, “Dole Boys On Futons”
15. Barbel, “One Thing”
16. Choo Choo Train, “Briar Rose”
17. Holidaymakers, “Skyrider”
18. Fallovr 24, “It’s Up To You” (Previously Unreleased)
19. Thrilled Skinny, “Biscuits In A Tin”
20. Brian, “A Million Miles”
21. The Wilderness Children, “Plastic Bag From Tescos”
22. The Moss Poles, “10,000 Miles” (Previously Unreleased)
23. The Haywains, “Fisherman’s Friend”
24. King Of The Slums, “Bombs Away On Harpurhey”

Disc 3
1. The Claim, “Picking Up The Bitter Little Pieces”
2. A Riot Of Colour, “Swallow”
3. Daisycutters, “Friends”
4. Peruvian Hipsters, “Tony Hadley”
5. The Cherry Orchard, “This Big Love”
6. Ambitious Beggars, “Welcome”
7. The DaVincis, “Thomas Wolfe”
8. Avo-8, “Big Car”
9. The Becketts, “The Most Beautiful Girl In Town”
10. Sunflowers, “Bubble Bus”
11. The Magnificent Lkage, “Passion”
12. Strawberry Story, “Tell Me Now”
13. Newsflash, “Wherever I Go” (Demo)
14. The Mayfields, “All You Ever Say”
15. The Ruth Ellis Swing Band, “Burn Your Books & Join My Life”
16. Christine’s Cat, “Your Love Is…”
17. Said Liquidator, “Say What You Feel”
18. Jane From Occupied Europe, “Annabel Lee”
19. Big Red Bus, “Sun Still Shines”
20. Men Of Westenesse, “The Coldest Water”
21. The Church Grims, “Mr. Watt Said”
22. Jactars, “Pull The Plug”
23. Me And Dean Martin, “Surfing Days”
24. The Rain, “Seven Red Apples”

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