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Vintage Video: Love and Rockets’ amazing low-budget TV commercial for ‘Express’

For this week’s installment of Vintage Video, we offer up this delightfully low-budget television commercial promoting Love and Rockets’ classic 1986 album Express — the existence of which is somewhat surprising, considering it would have aired some three years before the band’s real commercial breakthrough in the U.S. with “So Alive.”

The 30-second TV spot features moving images of the band’s members, some shapes and a flying Love and Rockets logo, and is accompanied by several tracks from the album. It ends with the tagline “Love and Rockets. Express. The arrival. The departure. The journey beyond the edge.”

It ends with the logos of the band, its record labels and the Sound Warehouse record-store chain.

Check it out below via The Sound Of Indie:






  1. I remember that commercial! They used to play it on MTV a lot, especially during episodes of 120 Minutes. :)

    (Also: OH GOD I’m old… :p )

  2. Haunted When the Minutes Drag

    A simpler time . . . a better time.

  3. They’d actually a hit already though in Canada in 85, so not that surprising

  4. I played the heck out of that cassette tape in my Honda CRX back in the day.

  5. That is AWESOME. I have no doubt the 20-year-old Me totally flipped and tripped the first time it aired, I was so into that record.

  6. The video is dead. Could you please re-up this rare jam? If you saved it of course.

  7. robert aickman

    Did anyone save it?

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