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Felt reissues continue with ‘Forever Breathes the Lonely Word’ and 4 more albums

Felt, Forever Breathes the Lonely Word

Cherry Red Records continues its reissue of the entire Felt catalog this September with CD and vinyl re-releases of the acclaimed indie-pop act’s second five albums — originally released between 1986 and 1989 — in newly remastered editions.

The second part of what the label is calling The Felt Decade comes Sept. 21 with the release of new reissues — featuring audio remastered by bandleader Lawrence and Kevin Metcalfe — of Forever Breathes the Lonely Word (1986), Poem of the River (1987), The Pictorial Jackson Review (1988), Train Above the City (1988) and Me and a Monkey on the Moon (1989).

The reissues will be released on vinyl — the records have been out of print for years —  as well as individual CD box sets that each include a long-deleted 7-inch single (in the case of the Forever Breathes the Lonely Word reissue, the classic “Primitive Painters” featuring the Cocteau Twins’ Elizabeth Fraser), reproduction gig flyers, a double-sided wall poster and four lapel badges.

Aside from remastering, the reissued albums largely are untouched, with the exception of Poem of the River. That album’s original Mayo Thompson recordings originally were remixed by the Cocteaus’ Robin Guthrie; last year, though, the original Thompson mixes were rediscovered, and that version of “She Lives by the Castle” has been substituted onto the reissued edition. The label say it’s “the most satisfying version of a quite damaged and bruised masterpiece.”

The first five Felt albums were similarly reissued in February.

See the new resisues’ full tracklists below.


Tracklist: Felt, Forever Breathes The Lonely Word

1. “Rain Of Crystal Spires”
2. “Down But Not Yet Out”
3. “September Lady”
4. “Grey Streets”
5. “All The People I Like Are Those That Are Dead”
6. “Gather Up Your Wings And Fly”
7. “A Wave Crashed On Rocks”
8. “Hours Of Darkness Have Changed My Mind”

CD Box Single
“Primitive Painters” / “Cathedral”


Tracklist: Felt, Poem Of The River

1. “Declaration”
2. “Silver Plane”
3. “She Lives By The Castle”
4. “Stained Glass Windows In The Sky”
5. “Riding On The Equator”
6. “Dark Red Birds”

CD Box Single
“Ballad Of The Band” / “I Didn’t Mean To Hurt You”


Tracklist: Felt, The Pictorial Jackson Review

1. “Apple Boutique”
2. “Ivory Past”
3. “Until The Fools Get Wise”
4. “How Spook Got Her Man”
5. “Bitter End”
6. “Tuesday’s Secret”
7. “Christopher Street”
8. “Jewels Are Set In Crowns”
9. “Under A Pale Light”
10. “Don’t Die On My Doorstep”

CD Box Single
“Rain Of Crystal Spires” / “I Will Die With My Head In Flames”


Tracklist: Felt, Train Above The City

1. “Train Above The City”
2. “On Weegee’s Sidewalk”
3. “Run Chico Run”
4. “Press Softly On The Brakes Holly”
5. “Spectral Morning”
6. “Teargardens”
7. “Book Of Swords”
8. “Seahorses On Broadway”

CD Box Single
“The Final Resting Of The Ark” / “There’s No Such Thing As Victory”


Tracklist: Felt, Me And A Monkey On The Moon

1. “I Can’t Make Love To You Anymore”
2. “Mobile Shack”
3. “Free”
4. “Budgie Jacket”
5. “Cartoon Sky”
6. “New Day Dawning”
7. “Down An August Path”
8. “Never Let You Go”
9. “She Deals In Crosses”
10. “Get Out Of My Mirror”

CD Box Single
“Space Blues” / “Tuesday’s Secret”




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  1. Stephen BC

    Great albums, only discovered Felt earlier this year and love these albums (along with the earlier ones). Don’t recall them ever being played in Australia back in the 80s, which is quite tragic.

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