New Releases — July 30, 2018 at 5:59 am

This week’s new releases: James returns with 15th album ‘Living in Extraordinary Times’

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RELEASE: Living in Extraordinary Times
BACKSTORY: The Manchester favorites this week return with their 15th studio album and first new record in two years. There’s a 12-track standard edition, plus a deluxe edition that includes four more songs.






  1. Wasn’t the biggest fan of their last couple albums, although there were a few good songs scattered throughout. Everything I’ve heard from this new one sounds far and away much better.

    • I feel like they have always had one or two duds sprinkled among even their best albums. But I really did enjoy le petit mort overall. They have definitely been worth following since reforming, including the two new songs on the Fresh as a Daisy singles comp.

      • Absolutely they’ve been worth following since Hey Ma (which was excellent I thought). Morning After/Night Before were nearly flawless, and I definitely liked Le Petit Mort more than Girl. I just wish they’d can it with the electronics and lean more toward an organic sound (the production really sounds machinelike). But I’m one of those fans who felt Laid was flawless, loved Whiplash, and would have been just fine if they’d never regrouped after Pleased To Meet You, one of the all time great albums by any band.

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