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‘New Order: Decades’ concert film/documentary to air on British TV next month

A new hybrid concert film/documentary called “New Order: Decades” that chronicles the iconic group’s “So It Goes…” synth-orchestra collaboration with artist Liam Gillick will be broadcast on the U.K.’s Sky Arts network on Sept. 22.

Directed by Mike Christie, the film follows New Order’s preparations to re-stage the “So It Goes…” concert — originally performed five times during 2017’s Manchester International Festival — in Turin, Italy, earlier this year. The 2017 concerts found New Order backed by a 12-piece synth orchestra, performing a set that included six songs not played live since the 1980s and early ’90s and other rarities.

A post on the band’s website offers this insight into the new film:

“With full access to New Order and their collaborators, this film is an unprecedented and intimate celebration of their story and their music. Through personal interviews with the band members and close collaborators including Gillick and art director Peter Saville, ‘New Order: Decades’ offers a rare chance to enter the band’s private world, understand the visual philosophy of their aesthetic and design, and witness their collaborative, creative processes first hand. The full-length New Order and Joy Division song performances featured in the film — captured from the spectacular concert, designed by Gillick and augmented by the synth orchestra — look and sound simply incredible. They also serve as a perfect cross section of the musical journey the band have undertaken in their incredible career over the last four decades, and the perfect soundtrack to this very special film.”

“New Order: Decades” will air at 9 p.m. Sept. 22 on Sky Arts.

The band will embark on a short North American tour later this week.

Below, watch an excerpt of one of the “So It Goes…” concerts in Manchester last year.





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