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Contest: Win multi-day passes, VIP tickets to Cold Waves festivals in New York, L.A. and Chicago

Industrial-music festival Cold Waves is hitting three cities — New York, Chicago and Los Angeles — in the coming month with a lineup topped by Skinny Puppy spinoff ohGr, and we’ve got multi-day passes and VIP tickets to award lucky Slicing Up Eyeballs readers.

Other acts on the bills: Front Line Assembly, Meat Beat Manifesto, Die Krupps, Lead Into Gold and more.

We’re giving away one “All Event” pass for Cold Waves in each of the three cities, meaning you and a guest will get you into the kick-off party the night before the festival, and the three nights of music. We’re also giving away a pair of VIP tickets to one night each at each Cold Waves event. Those VIP tickets include an artist meet-and-greet, access to a special VIP viewing area, a compilation CD, a poster and a laminate.

Full details below — and see the full lineups at Cold Waves’ website, as they vary from city to city.

(Tickets also are available to purchase here if you don’t want to leave it to chance; a portion of all proceeds goes to benefit mental-health advocacy group Darkest Before Dawn.)

TO ENTER: In the comments section below, name which city — New York, L.A. or Chicago — you’d like to attend. Once divvied up by city, three grand-prize winners will be randomly selected to each win one of the “All Event” passes to their preferred Cold Waves city. Three runners-up will each get one of the one-night VIP tickets. If for any reason you’re unable to comment, please email your entry to with the subject line “COLD WAVES.”

RULES: We’ll take entries until 5 p.m. Eastern on Friday, Sept. 7. After that point, we’ll select the six winners at random and they will be notified via their provided e-mail addresses. Important: If the winners do not reply to their notification email within 48 hours, new winners will be drawn. One entry per person.

Good luck, and godspeed.


COLD WAVES “ALL EVENT” Grand Prize: Grants you (plus 1) entrance to ALL 4 CW events in your city

New York:
Sept. 12: Mercury Lounge, Cold Waves kick-off party with Ruby, Youth, Pop.1280, Acucrack
Sept. 13: Irving Plaza, Cold Waves Night 1 with Ohgr, Chemlab, Lead Into Gold + more
Sept. 14: Irving Plaza, Cold Waves Night 2, with Meat Beat Manifesto, C-Tec + more
Sept. 15: Gramercy Theatre, Cold Waves Night 3, with Front Line Assembly, The Black Queen + more

Sept. 20: Empty Bottle, Cold Waves kick-off party with Ruby, Crash Course in Science
Sept. 21: Metro, Cold Waves Night 1 with Ohgr, Chemlab, Lead Into Gold + more
Sept. 22: Metro, Cold Waves Night 2 with Meat Beat Manifesto, C-Tec + more
Sept. 23: Metro, Cold Waves Night 3 with Front Line Assembly, The Black Queen, Die Krupps + more
* Includes entrance to Smart Bar after-parties Friday and Saturday night

Los Angeles:
Sept. 26: The Echo, Cold Waves kick-off party with Ruby, Rhys Fulber, Physical Wash, Acucrack
Sept. 27: 1720, Cold Waves Night 1 with Ohgr, Lead Into Cold, Author & Punisher + more
Sept. 28: 1720, Cold Waves Night 2 with The Black Queen, C-TEC, Assemblage 23 + more
Sept. 29: 1720, Cold Waves Night 3 with Front Line Assembly, Chemlab, Die Krupps + more


COLD WAVES VIP TICKETS Runner-Up Prize: Pair of tickets for one night in each city

Cold Waves New York: Friday, Sept. 14 with Meat Beat Manifesto, C-Tec + more
Cold Waves Chicago: Sunday, Sept. 23 with Front Line Assembly, The Black Queen, Die Krupps + more
Cold Waves L.A.:  Saturday, Sept. 29 with Front Line Assembly, Chemlab, Die Krupps + more



  1. Chicago please!

  2. Chicago

  3. Rick fingard


  4. James McQuillan

    New York

  5. David Connolly


  6. Chicago,please!

  7. chicago preferred

  8. Barry Braxton

    New York

  9. NEW YORK!!!!


  10. StephanieWallin


  11. Meyeke Orgillon

    Los Angeles!

  12. Chicago, please. Thank you.

  13. Jared Hammond

    Los Angeles please

  14. Los Angeles

  15. Cliff Sieloff


  16. Derek Johnson


  17. William Seagrave


  18. John Paddock


  19. lisa mulrane



  21. Whoa, C-Tec is on this tour ? Holy crap. With JL De Meyer or no ?

  22. Chicago

  23. Christopher Old

    New York please

  24. Steve Sobel

    Chicago! Good luck all.

  25. Arath Nevarez


  26. Chicago Please!!!!!!!!!!

  27. Todd Frederick

    New York City please.


  28. Los Angeles

  29. Los Angeles please!!

  30. chicago

  31. Cameron Lewis

    NYC :)

  32. Terrance Pryor

    New York City

  33. Los Angeles!! Thanks for the chance!
    Trying to win my friend a VIP to Ohgr because they Sold Out! ;3;

  34. Chicago

  35. Amanda Post


  36. Chicago!

  37. Nathan Brown

    Chicago please

  38. Chicago!

  39. Chicago!

  40. Fernando Juarez

    New York

  41. Nathan Morimitsu


  42. Myke Shuberg

    Chicago. The one and only home of Cold Waves. R.I.P. Jamie

  43. Los Angeles

  44. Los Angeles

  45. Chicago please!

  46. New York !

  47. New York!!!!

  48. Rachel Katcher

    Los Angeles

  49. Agustin Aranda


  50. Dieter Pedroza

    CHICAGO!!! Where it all started!!!

  51. Chicago

  52. Los Angeles Please!! (9.27 for VIP if possible :D)
    Thanks for this possibility!

  53. Chicago

  54. Dieter Pedroza


  55. Edward Kramer


  56. Chicago

  57. Los Angeles
    Thank You !

  58. Rob Jennings

    New York City!

  59. Martin Castro

    Los Angeles

  60. Rob Jennings

    New York City

  61. Chicago

  62. Los Angeles!

  63. Los Angeles!

  64. Ernesto Ramirez


  65. Los Angeles because that is the best line up. just kidding they are all great.

  66. Los Angeles

  67. los angeles please

  68. Los Angeles!

  69. Los Angeles

  70. Los Angeles please!!! Ohgr!!!

  71. Los Angeles please!!! Ohgr!

  72. Los Angeles Please!!! Ohgr!

  73. Los Angeles please!!

  74. Will Kennedy

    Los Angeles!

  75. New York City!!!

  76. Mike Colcord

    New York please and thank you!

  77. Chicago please!

  78. Nicholas Roth

    New York

  79. Jim Vandegrjft

    Chicago please

  80. Matt Rombach


  81. James Wilson

    Los Angeles

  82. john alderman

    Chicago would be amazing

  83. Frank Penczek

    Chicago please

  84. Dana Parker


  85. Chicago

  86. Julie Hinesley


  87. Chicago

  88. Chicago! – yeah – woooo!

  89. Chris Keech


  90. Shonda Scarborough


  91. Chicago, please.

  92. nyc would be perfect.

  93. Kevin Brown


  94. Nick Schneider


  95. Chicago pleeeeeeze!

  96. Los Angeles please!

  97. Chris Lieggi

    Chicago woo hoo!

  98. Chicago!

  99. Brook Phillips

    Chicago please

  100. Bladimir Quinteros

    Los Angeles …

  101. Los Angeles Please!

  102. Chicago

  103. Walter Lambert


  104. David Dower

    New York City please

  105. Matthew von Kroeker


  106. Egle Milavickas


  107. Juan Carrillo

    New York

  108. New York!

  109. New York!!!

  110. Chicago, please. I have been waiting since high school to see Meat Beat.

  111. Kaspars Grinbergs

    Los Angeles please.

  112. Jeronimo Orona

    Los Angeles!!!

  113. Karen Montclair

    New York please!

  114. New York City babay!!!!

  115. Aaron Buchert


  116. Aaron Buchert


  117. Los Angeles, of course.
    Also, your show on SiriusXM is worth every penny.
    Thank you.

  118. Los Angeles

  119. Melinda Rivera

    Chicago !

  120. Melinda Rivera


  121. LA

  122. Amelia Vargas


  123. Los Angeles

  124. Los Angeles

  125. Stefanie Pina-Noble

    Los Angeles

  126. New York City, yo

  127. Jeff Locher

    L.A Please

  128. Los Angeles !

  129. Carlos Medina

    Los Angeles pls

  130. NYC New York!

  131. Chicago!

  132. Chicago!

  133. Michael Wozny

    New York City

  134. Chicago

  135. Bobby Bailey

    New York!!

  136. Kelli Hoggatt

    New York please!

  137. Chicago

  138. Miche Marcisz


  139. L.A. please

  140. New York !!! I’m especially excited for MBM!

  141. New York!

  142. Vera Rayner-Schoch

    Las Angeles ❤

  143. Kate Knuvelder


  144. Andrew Beltran

    Los Angeles!

  145. Los Angeles please and thank you.

  146. Chicago please

  147. Chicago

  148. NYC

  149. Rachel Ravitsky

    New York!

  150. Craig McAdams


  151. Ricardo Sanchez

    Los Angeles! Thanks!

  152. Chicago would be great!

  153. Matthew Harris

    New york

  154. Derek Musselman

    New York

  155. Derek Musselman

    New York …please

  156. NYC!

  157. Kevin Waldron

    Los Angeles….Thanks!!!

  158. Chicago. Need to see Chemlab again

  159. Chad Marshall

    New york

  160. Los Angeles

  161. Los Angeles would be righteous, thanks!

  162. DeeAnn Jensen

    Los Angeles

  163. Ron Bieletzki


  164. CHICAGO

  165. Bailey Nulty

    New York

  166. Chicago!

  167. Triple N Jennn

    Los Angles is my city! Pretty Please!
    It would be awesome to win, and very much appreciated! Still trying to figure out how I can swing tickets.

  168. Los Angeles, please.

  169. Chicago

  170. Los Angeles!!

  171. John A Schatner


  172. chicago

  173. Los Angeles

  174. New York please

  175. Chicago

  176. New York

  177. Chicago!

  178. Allison Bennett


  179. chicago please!

  180. Los Angeles

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