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Vintage Video: Julian Cope thrills in hour-long ‘MTV Saturday Night Concert’ set from 1987

For this week’s installment of Vintage Video, we present this MTV-broadcast concert by former Teardrop Explodes frontman Julian Cope, filmed at The Ritz in New York City on July 6, 1987, and featured during the network’s “Saturday Night Concert” series.

The show was part of Cope’s tour in support of that year’s Saint Julian album, and the set includes favorites from that record — including singles “World Shut Your Mouth” and “Trampolene” — as well as covers of songs by Pere Ubu, 13th Floor Elevators and Cope’s own prior band, The Teardrop Explodes.

This clip was suggested to us by Zachary Hollback, who correctly points out it features “lots of black leather and that monkey-bar microphone stand that he climbs on like a lizard.”

Watch the full hour-long set below courtesy of uploader Punk & New Wave on MV.


Setlist: Julian Cope, The Ritz, New York City, 7/6/87

1. “Trampolene”
2. “Pulsar”
3. “Eve’s Volcano”
4. “Strasbourg”
5. “Saint Julian”
6. “Sunspots”
7. “Nonalignment Pact” (Pere Ubu)
8. “Bouncing Babies” (The Teardrop Explodes)
9. “Greatness and Perfection”
10. “Bandy’s First Jump”
11. “Shot Down”
12. “Spacehopper”
13. “World Shut Your Mouth”
14. “I’ve Got Levitation” (13th Floor Elevators)




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  1. I clearly remember this live, I way got into his music on the album after this (Charlotte Anne, etc) & digging through the Teardrop Explodes past of his.

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