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Clan of Xymox to embark on North American tour, reissue 1989’s ‘Twist of Shadows’

Clan of Xymox next week will embark on a 13-date North American tour — hitting much of the West Coast of the U.S., plus dates in Canada and Mexico — in advance of a new expanded reissue of Twist of Shadows, the band’s 1989 album released under the shortened Xymox moniker.

The tour opens on Halloween in Philadelphia, moving on to Baltimore and Las Vegas before shows in California, Oregon and Washington, and then dates in Canada and Mexico City. The band also has a concert in Moscow in December, and more European shows in early 2019.

On Dec. 7, Pylon Records will reissue the dark-wave act’s classic album Twist of Shadows, which includes the club favorites “Obsession” and “Blind Hearts.” The reissue will be pressed as a double LP with five bonus tracks and a 2CD set with 10 total bonus tracks, including remixes. Among those bonus tracks is the Club Mix of “Obsession,” which you can stream below.



Below, see Clan of Xymox’s tour dates and the full tracklists for the Twist of Shadows reissues.


Clan of Xymox tour dates:

Oct. 31: Trocadero: Dracula’s Ball, Philadelphia, PA
Nov. 1: Ottobar, Baltimore, MD
Nov. 2: Bunkhouse, Las Vegas, NV
Nov. 3: The Casbah, San Diego, CA
Nov. 4: Echoplex, Los Angeles, CA
Nov. 5: Marty’s on Newport, Tustin, CA
Nov. 7: DNA Lounge, San Francisco, CA
Nov. 9: El Corazon, Seattle, WA
Nov. 10: Star Theater, Portland, OR
Nov. 11: Star Theater, Portland, OR
Nov. 12: Venue, Vancouver, BC
Nov. 14: Dickens, Calgary, AB
Dec. 1: Lunario, Mexico City, Mexico

Dec. 8: Synthetic Snow Festival, Moscow, Russia
Jan. 19: Garagesound, Bari, Italy
April 6: Dark Malta, Malta
April 26: Kulttempel, Oberhausen Germany
April 27: Cacoa Fabriek, Helmond, Netherlands
April 28: Baroeg, Rotterdam, Netherlands



Tracklist: Xymox, Twist of Shadows 2LP vinyl reissue

1. “Evelyn”
2. “Obsession”
3. “Craving”
4. “Blind Hearts”

1. “The River”
2. “A Million Things”
3. “Tonight”
4. “Imagination”

1. “In The City”
2. “Clementina”
3. “Senses Coalesce” (Bonus)
4. “Promises” (Bonus)

1. “Obsession” (Club Mix) (Bonus)
2. “Blind Hearts” (Club Mix) (Bonus)
3. “Shame” (Bonus)


Tracklist: Xymox, Twist of Shadows 2CD reissue

CD 1
1. “Evelyn”
2. “Obsession”
3. “Craving”
4. “Blind Hearts”
5. “The River”
6. “A Million Things”
7. “Tonight”
8. “Imagination”
9. “In The City”
10. “Clementina”
11. “Senses Coalesce” (Bonus)
12. “Promises” (Bonus)

CD 2
1. “Obsession” (Club Mix) (Bonus)
2. “Blind Hearts” (Club Mix) (Bonus)
3. “Imagination” (Dance Mix) (Bonus)
4. “Shame” (Bonus)
5. “Hitch-Hikers Dance Guide” (Bonus)
6. “Imagination” (Dub Mix) (Bonus)
7. “Obsession” (Edit) (Bonus)
8. “Imagination” (Edit) (Bonus)





  1. I’ve always loved this album.

  2. Pylon Records did a great job with this month’s Nitzer Ebb CD reissues. Saw they also have 2CD Red Flag Naive Art planned for January.

  3. Love the album and glad to read this, wish the same could be done for Medusa.

  4. Great album. Evelyn, Obsession, and especially Tonight and Imagination are classic. A shame they’re not touring more extensively.

  5. Que bien por fin lo reeditaran con los mixes que andaba buscando sobretodo el de “shame”.

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