Video — November 11, 2018 at 11:51 am

Morrissey refutes reports he was attacked by fan during show-ending stage invasion

Last night’s Morrissey concert in San Diego ended the way many of the singer’s shows have: with fans rushing the stage, overcoming security in hopes of a brief moment with the performer. At least one of those fans got very close to Moz, though, and the singer was rushed offstage.

But after TMZ and other media reported Morrissey was “attacked on stage,” his manager, Peter Katsis, posted on the singer’s Facebook page that “nobody tried to punch M last night,” though he acknowledged one fan “certainly was more aggressive in reaching out” to Moz than most, and that fan was subdued.



Katsis doesn’t say Morrissey wasn’t punched in the face, just that nobody tried to do so. The video available is unclear. But he does goes on to say that nobody was hurt in the incident, and nobody was arrested.

Judge the incident for yourself via several different angles in the following video clips:








  1. Scott R Stalcup

    Well, that’s that tour cancelled.

  2. Hard to tell what exactly happened and it really doesn’t matter. Boorish behavior. Also think the guard should have been a bit more prepared if this rushing has been typical.

  3. Welp, He’s never going back to San Diego for a show

  4. 5000 fans at that concert are pissed at those 10 jerks that ruined the song.

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