Reunions — November 17, 2018 at 3:33 pm

Minor Threat reunites to recreate iconic Dischord house porch shot from ‘Salad Days’

The former members of legendary D.C. hardcore act Minor Threat came together yesterday at their old record label’s famed Dischord house in Arlington, Va. — a reunion captured for posterity with a photo recreating the iconic cover shot of their 1985 Salad Days EP.

Brian Baker, the band’s former bassist and a current member of Bad Religion, first shared the photo on Instagram with the caption “Senior Threat.” Dischord Records shared it on Facebook today, writing, “Minor Threat tries to get together every few years to catch up with each other. This photo was taken yesterday at the Dischord house.”

So does this mean something’s more in the cards for Baker and his former bandmates Ian MacKaye, Jeff Nelson and Lyle Preslar? No, Baker tells D.C. radio station WTOP: “This is a non-story. Jeff insists that we always take a porch shot for posterity when the four of us are at Dischord. This is just the first one we’ve had taken since I’ve had an Instagram account.”




  1. Scott R Stalcup

    To those wanting a reunion:
    Make do with what you have.
    Take what you can get.

    Wish I could remember who said that.

  2. What’s with the prosthetic in the lower right corner? Was that also in the original?

    • Are you kidding? It’s a legend.

      • I assure you Mr. UE405, or whatever your name is, that I am not kidding. Furthermore, I would never have such filth anywhere near my Spandau Ballet or Johnny Hates Jazz Lps. Never!

        • Um, that was a joke: It’s a leg-end. A LEG-end.

          • Well let me tell you something Senor UE405, or whatever your name is, jokes should be funny, not hurtful. I am patently offended by this, and am now in a rage spiral. Think I’ll spin some Spandau on my Crosley record player (got it at Urban Outfitters).

  3. Nick,

    obviously a minor threat reunion would cost and arm and a leg…


  4. Scott Stalcup

    Well, whoever’s missing their prosthetic leg is out of step.


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