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Wire Train’s 1983 debut ‘In a Chamber’ to be reissued on CD with six bonus tracks

The 1983 debut album by San Francisco new-wave rockers Wire Train — which spawned the singles “Chamber of Hellos,” “I’ll Do You” and “Never” — will be reissued on CD this week, expanded with six bonus tracks including B-sides, remixes and a cover of Neil Young’s “Mr. Soul.”

The newly remastered edition of In a Chamber is due out Friday via Supermegabot Music Concern LLC, a new label formed by Rykodisc expatriates focused on “unearth(ing) great music” and finding new artists. The limited-edition CD release is packaged in a gloss-coated mini-LP sleeve.

Wire Train was formed by Kevin Hunter, Kurt Herr, Anders Rundblad and Federico Gil-Sola while they were attending San Francisco State University, and signed to 415 Records, home to Translator, Red Rockers and Romeo Void. Their debut was produced by David Kahne, who would go on to work with New Order, The Strokes, Paul McCartney and more.

The band went on to put out five albums before splitting up following the release of 1992’s No Soul No Strain and the rejection by MCA Records of the their sixth record, Snug, which finally would be self-released in 2009. The group reformed for the unaired pilot of VH1’s “Bands Reunited” in 2003, then again in 2009 for a handful of shows around the release of Snug.

The reissue of In a Chamber can be ordered directly from Supermegabot.

Below, check out the full tracklist and hear the album’s three singles.


Wire Train, In a Chamber

1. “I’ll Do You”
2. “Everything’s Turning Upside Down Again”
3. “Never”
4. “Like”
5. “I Forget It All (When I See You)”
6. “Chamber of Hellos”
7. “Slow Down”
8. “She’s On Fire”
9. “I Gotta Go”
10. “Love Against Me”
11. “It’s Only Dark” (B-side to “I’ll Do You”) *
12. “Personne Jamais” (B-side to “Chamber of Hellos” 12-inch) *
13. “Mr. Soul” (Neil Young cover, B-side to “Chamber of Hellos” 12-inch) *
14. “Chamber of Hellos” (London Mix) *
15. “I’ll Do You” (Ivan Ivan Extended Remix) *
16. “Chamber of Hellos” (Ivan Ivan Extended Remix) *

* Bonus tracks






  1. Great news. This album is a gem. Thanks for the post!

  2. Me gustaría saber la interpretación de la canción Chamber of hellos

  3. Does anybody know when exactly this Superb álbum debut was released? I make posts in Facebook on Indie/New Wave/Postpunk groups and the details are very important to confirm the veracity of every info. Thank u pals, you make it fine!.

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