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Peter Murphy misses the first show of his thrice-rescheduled San Francisco residency

It was finally supposed to happen. Peter Murphy’s weeks-long San Francisco residency — originally scheduled for summer 2017, then rescheduled not once, but three times — was set to begin tonight with a performance of his solo debut Should the World Fail to Fall Apart.

Yet Murphy, who’s been on tour in the U.S. since early last month, failed to show up.

According to social media posts from would-be attendees of tonight’s concert at The Chapel — including music journalist Ned Raggett — the former Bauhaus frontman did not make it to San Francisco. “He’s apparently still at an airport in L.A.,” Raggett tweeted. “I’m not kidding.”

A call to The Chapel’s box office around 10:20 p.m. PST confirmed that tonight’s show didn’t happen. A representative said Murphy currently was in the air, en route to the Bay Area. It was unclear whether tonight’s concert will be rescheduled; the box office rep said refunds would be available.

The 17-concert residency — to be followed by a final stop on Murphy’s Bauhaus 40th anniversary tour with David J — is scheduled to resume Friday, with two performances already slated that night.

The road leading to Murphy’s San Francisco stand has been a rocky one; the residency’s shows were first scheduled for the summer of 2017, but had to be bumped to early 2018 after issues arose with the singer’s vocal chords that forced him call off the run. Those rescheduled dates were then pushed to summer 2018 as visa troubles kept Murphy from entering the country. The re-rescheduled summer dates ultimately were pushed to March 2019 for the same reason.

The residency recently was extended to 17 shows, and is now scheduled to conclude with two sold-out performances in which Murphy will pay tribute to the late David Bowie with sets of the Thin White Duke’s music. And two days later, Murphy and David J are scheduled to reprise their “Ruby Tour” performance of Bauhaus’ In the Flat Field at the Regency Ballroom.

See the full remaining dates below.





Peter Murphy’s San Francisco residency

March 5: The Chapel, San Francisco, CA (Performing ‘Should the World Fail to Fall Apart’)
March 8 (early): The Chapel, San Francisco, CA (Performing ‘Love Hysteria’)
March 8 (late): The Chapel, San Francisco, CA (Performing ‘Love Hysteria’)
March 9: The Chapel, San Francisco, CA (Performing ‘Deep’)
March 10: The Chapel, San Francisco, CA (Performing ‘Deep’)
March 11: The Chapel, San Francisco, CA (Performing ‘Deep’)
March 14: The Chapel, San Francisco, CA (Performing ‘Deep’ with selections from ‘Love Hysteria’)
March 15 (early): The Chapel, San Francisco, CA (Performing ‘Cascade’)
March 15 (late): The Chapel, San Francisco, CA (Performing ‘Holy Smoke’)
March 18: The Chapel, San Francisco, CA (‘Stripped’ tour show)
March 19 (early): The Chapel, San Francisco, CA (Performing ‘Dust’)
March 19 (late): The Chapel, San Francisco, CA (Performing ‘Ninth’)
March 21: The Chapel, San Francisco, CA (“Mr. Moonlight” Bauhaus classics)
March 22: The Chapel, San Francisco, CA (“Mr. Moonlight” Bauhaus classics)
March 23: The Chapel, San Francisco, CA (“Mr. Moonlight” Bauhaus classics)
March 26: The Chapel, San Francisco, CA (A Tribute to David Bowie)
March 27: The Chapel, San Francisco, CA (A Tribute to David Bowie)


Peter Murphy’s Ruby Tour with David J

March 29: The Regency Ballroom, San Francisco, CA





  1. HalloweenJack

    California does damage. The American blackhole of artistic merit of the last thirty years. Truth hurts.
    Wonder if Peter is managed by David J’s Darwin clown.
    Peter Murphy and Mozzarella should co-headline a canceled tour together.

  2. Vocal cords, not chords.

  3. I was there for the “no show”. No one was surprised, though many people were understandably pissed. I really felt bad for the poor guy from The Chapel (I think he was the promoter) who had to announce to the small, but enthusiastic crowd. The Chapel should get an award for patience for dealing with Mr. Murphy over the past 2 years.

  4. The tour actually ends in Orlando, FL April 4th. That show was cancelled 5 minutes before start time…

  5. I can only imagine him being not necessarily motivated to make it to the show bc of low turnout in comparison to the highly attended and profiled Bauhaus Ruby tour. Anyway, I hope he doesn’t double down and not show tonight. Peter Murphy “Fyre” Residency at the Chapel doesn’t sound good for the resume.

  6. Wow. How could he not make it from Los Angeles to San Francisco in time, especially for this plagued residency? Unless something serious happened, this is absurd.

  7. Of the whole residency, that’s one of the three shows I would have liked to see. The album is underrated in his catalog.

  8. Is san francisco still there:? haha, what a cess pool.

  9. Eric Westphal


  10. Pete Murphy is a total c***
    The way he behaved when supporting The Mission – appalling.
    Long may he continue to not show up, you are being saved an awful night with a total diva twat… not give up your dollars for this prick.

  11. Maybe he’s hanging out with Morrissey.

  12. He’s a train wreck. Meth’ll do that.

  13. He’s hardly a warm crowd-charmer, but I sure enjoyed the show in Montreal. Top notch performer who lacks some people skills on the big stage. Sort that one out if you can.

  14. Ya’ll know absolutely nothing about him. None of you should throw stones at glass houses. He may be a spaz, sure… I personally KNOW more than 99% of any of you but he definitely knows talent and clear appreciation for good people when he sees it, like… Seriously if ANY OF YOU judgmental twats knew who HIS friends are (I PERSONALLY DO) then ya’ll would be singing a different tune. His generosity is unwavering and far out reaches ANYTHING you pigs would attemp and still complain if you all found yourselves in a “pay it forward” starbucks drivethru situation.

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