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The B-52s’ ‘Cosmic Thing’ to receive 30th anniversary reissue with remixes, live set

The B-52s this summer will release an expanded 30th anniversary reissue of their fifth album Cosmic Thing, the record that served as a comeback following the death of guitarist Ricky Wilson and catapulted the Athens, Ga., party band into orbit with hit single “Love Shack.”

Due out June 28 on Rhino/Warner Bros., the 2CD set — also to be released digitally — will include a 15-song first disc with the complete remastered album plus five remixes, and a second disc featuring a recording of the band’s Aug. 4, 1990, concert at Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion in The Woodlands, Texas.

The reissue can be pre-ordered now via

The B-52s released Cosmic Thing on June 27, 1989, some three years after their last album, Bouncing Off the Satellites. The latter album had been recorded, but not released, before Wilson died of complications related to AIDS. Cosmic Thing served as a major comeback and high water mark for the band, with original drummer Keith Strickland moving over to guitar.

The album spawned two major hits — “Love Shack” and “Roam” both rose to No. 3 on the Billboard Hot 100 — and the record itself cracked the top 5 on the Billboard album charts.

See the reissue’s full tracklist below.


The B-52s, Cosmic Thing: 30th Anniversary Edition

Original album + B-sides
1. “Cosmic Thing”
2. “Dry County”
3. “Deadbeat Club”
4. “Love Shack”
5. “Junebug”
6. “Roam”
7. “Bushfire”
8. “Channel Z”
9. “Topaz”
10. “Follow Your Bliss”
11. “B-52’s Megamix”
12. “Love Shack” (Edit)
13. “Channel Z” (Rock Mix)
14. “Roam” (Extended Remix)
15. “Roam” (12″ Remix)

Live at The Pavilion, The Woodlands, TX, 1990
1. “Cosmic Thing”
2. “Bushfire”
3. “Quiche Lorraine”
4. “Dance This Mess Around”
5. “Dry County”
6. “Private Idaho”
7. “Give Me Back My Man”
8. “Deadbeat Club”
9. “Mesopotamia”
10. “Strobe Light”
11. “Roam”
12. “52 Girls”
13. “Love Shack”
14. “Rock Lobster”
15. “Whammy Kiss”
16. “Channel Z”





  1. I thought “Roam” was the other big hit off that LP.

  2. Thrilled this album gets celebrated – and anthologized. The remixes of the singles are still legendary. Bummed no “Love Shack ’99”. I’m happy to see a period recording attached as well (the RSD vinyl releases are to die for fun) The period b-sides mostly came from a 1990 Cleveland show – not represented here.

  3. Yes, “Roam” was the other big hit. “Deadbeat Club” didn’t perform that well, unfortunately.

    • It’s too bad, as in my opinion Deadbeat Club is the best song on the album.

      • “Love Shack” and “Roam” both reached #3 in the US. “Deadbeat Club” was the fourth single from the album and reached #30.

        The first single from the album was “Channel Z.” Despite a fair amount of MTV play (this was when MTV had something to do with music) it did not chart in the US.

      • I like that one too, but my favorite is Topaz, go figure.

  4. A truly resilient band that survived a major loss and came back stronger than ever.

  5. Nice to see some love for the B-52s. I expected to find some snarky and dismissive comments, but no… actual appreciation for them and this album. I always felt they got a bad rap as a novelty act and overlooked for their innovation and damn fine song writing.

    • I hate that whole novelty/camp thing too. Check out their early club dates on YouTube. Gritty, black and white video. Fred looks like he weighs 65 lbs., and they come off more punk or college than anything else.

  6. This is great and all but kinda disappointed No DVD with music videos live performances interview’s

  7. No Glove Slap!?!? lol ;) shut yer big yap!

  8. Part of the soundtrack of my Summer of 89. I never got tired of it though it was played into the ground because our station went into all those different cuts. Just plain fun and they are touring this summer in support.

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