Video, Webcast — May 30, 2019 at 8:18 am

Watch: The Cure plays an epic ‘Disintegration’ in full, plus rarities, via Sydney webcast

If you didn’t get up in the wee hours to see The Cure’s livestream from Sydney of its performance of Disintegration in full plus accompanying rarities, you’re in luck: Robert Smith and Co. are leaving the webcast up on YouTube for a time — and you can watch it here.

The band opened with its set of 1989-era rarities, including B-sides “Fear of Ghosts,” “Babble” and “Out of Mind,” plus outtakes “No Heart,” “Esten” and “Delirious Night,” all of which appear in embryonic form on the expanded Disintegration reissue. Then came the full performance of Disintegration itself.

The night — the band’s fifth performance of Disintegration a the Sydney Opera House — wrapped up with a short encore of “Burn,” the band’s contribution to the soundtrack of “The Crow,” as well as “Three Imaginary Boys” and a cover of Wendy Waldman’s “Pirate Ships,” which Smith originally recorded as a solo track for Elektra Records’ Rubáiyát compilation.

Watch it all right here:



Setlist: The Cure, Vivid Live, Sydney Opera House, Sydney, Australia, 5/30/19

Set 1
1. “Delirious Night”
2. “Fear of Ghosts”
3. “No Heart”
4. “Esten”
5. “2 Late”
6. “Out of Mind”
7. “Babble”

Set 2
8. “Plainsong”
9. “Pictures of You”
10. “Closedown”
11. “Lovesong”
12. “Last Dance”
13. “Lullaby”
14. “Fascination Street”
15. “Prayers for Rain”
16. “The Same Deep Water As You”
17. “Disintegration”
18. “Homesick”
19. “Untitled”

20. “Burn”
21. “Three Imaginary Boys”
22. “Pirate Ships”






  1. Andythecurefan

    Download full show at:

  2. Dueling Fender Bass VI’s on Untitled, FTW!

  3. Great show, still one of the best live acts around. Pretty amazing that Robert has been able to maintain his voice as he’s aged too, sounded incredible still.

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