Reunions — June 16, 2019 at 10:32 pm

Electronic’s Bernard Sumner, Johnny Marr reunite in Greece to play ‘Get the Message’

A pair of legendary Manchester musicians — New Order’s Bernard Sumner and The Smiths’ Johnny Marr — shared the stage in Athens, Greece, on Sunday for a one-song reunion of their former band Electronic, performing the 1991 single “Get the Message.”

The performance came during Marr’s set at the Release Athens festival, when he invited Sumner — New Order was headlining — to sing lead on a track Marr has been playing in his solo sets.

See video of the one-off reunion below via uploader Ilze Frey.

It’s not the first time the two former bandmates have collaborated during one of Marr’s sets. Sumner joined Marr onstage in 2013 to perform “Getting Away With It” at a New Order-curated event in the shadow of the University of Manchester’s Lovell Telescope near Cheshire, England.




  1. Here’s my review from last night’s Release Athens:

  2. Bloody hell….Barney needs to hit the gym a bit. Rolly-polly in his old age – no excuse! As for his voice, well…I think he needed to give up live singing a long time ago. This is now excruciating hence I’m no longer paying to see a NO gig. I’ll remember them for their younger years!

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