Digital Music — July 24, 2019 at 7:49 am

Listen: The Replacements, ‘Talent Show’ (Matt Wallace Mix) — off ‘Dead Man’s Pop’ box set

The Replacements have offered up the first taste of their “radically re-imagined” version of their 1989 record Don’t Tell a Soul in the form of the new Matt Wallace mix of album opener “Talent Show,” which, as promised, is a bit more rough-hewn than what was released 30 years ago.

You can stream the song below via Spotify or YouTube.

Rhino Records on Sept. 27 will release Dead Man’s Pop, a 4CD/1LP box set that features Don’t Tell a Soul “mixed as it was originally intended” and will include a disc of largely unreleased outtakes and a 1989 live set that spans two CDs. Full details and tracklist are available over here.







  1. Charles leon

    Replacements are 1 of the most important bands totally underrated live on we love you

  2. Love it! Fantastic version, can’t wait for it to come out! Probably how it should have been released originally….

  3. Sven Swenson

    Mumsford like break in the middle of the song twenty years before Mumsfords released a thing

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