Album News — August 4, 2019 at 12:27 pm

Robyn Hitchcock and XTC’s Andy Partridge to release EP that’s 13 years in the making

Songwriting greats Andy Partridge of XTC and Robyn Hitchcock next month will release a four-song EP that Hitchcock says “began in his shed in Swindon in 2006” and is now finished after the two re-teamed last year to write one final song.

Titled Planet England, the new EP is due to be released Sept. 6 on CD and vinyl formats on Partridge’s own record label, Ape House. It’s available for pre-order now through Burning Shed.

Hitchcock recently wrote of the project on his Facebook page:

“Andy Partridge and I are thrilled in our own dismal, British way to announce that the recordings we began in his shed in Swindon in 2006 are now complete and released on APE records. After a long hiatus we returned to the project last year, adding a fourth song to three completed ones, enough for an EP entitled PLANET ENGLAND.”

Though Hitchcock is still very much present on the touring circuit and record-release racks, Partridge — who recently stepped away from his once-active Twitter account — has been more reclusive since ending XTC more than a decade ago, though he did release a two-song single under his own name, featuring covers of song by Syd Barrett-era Pink Floyd and Bonzo Dog Band, last year.

Below, check out the cover art and tracklist for Planet England.


Robyn Hitchcock and Andy Partridge, Planet England

1. “Turn me on, Deadman”
2. “Flight Attendants, Please Prepare for Love”
3. “Got My…”
4. “Planet England”





  1. Mimi Goldberg

    Five senses working overtime. Keep Rockin. Thank you DEAR GOD!

  2. “…since ending XTC more than a decade ago.” That fact stills kills me.

  3. Shame on those people who chased him of Twitter.

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