New Releases — September 9, 2019 at 8:16 am

New releases: The Cult, Pixies, INXS, Robyn Hitchcock & Andy Partridge, Rain Parade

The Cult, ‘Sonic Temple 30’

This is a round-up of the week’s new albums, expanded reissues and/or box sets, appearing each Monday on Slicing Up Eyeballs. All releases due out this Friday unless noted. May also include some other titles released in recent weeks but not previously featured.


The Cult

RELEASE: Sonic Temple 30
BACKSTORY: The Cult’s smash 1989 album is being reissued this week for its 30th anniversary in three different packages: 5CD box set (including a two-disc live album), 3LP/1 cassette deluxe edition and a 2LP vinyl pressing.
BUY:,, Beggars Arkive



RELEASE:  Beneath the Eyrie
BACKSTORY: The Pixies are back this week with their third post-reunion, post-Kim Deal album and seventh full-length overall. It’s available in multiple formats, including a deluxe box set directly from the band.
BUY:,, Pixies


Robyn Hitchcock and Andy Partridge

RELEASE: Planet England
BACKSTORY: The two songwriting greats this week release a four-song EP that Robyn Hitchcock says “began in (Andy Partridge’s) shed in Swindon in 2006” and is now finished after the two re-teamed last year.
BUY:,, Burning Shed



RELEASE: Dekadance
BACKSTORY: First vinyl pressing of 1984 Australian cassette release (not the 1983 U.S. EP) featuring six extended remixes of tracks from The Swing, plus a duet of “Jackson” featuring Michael Hutchence and Jenny Morris.


Rain Parade

RELEASE: Emergency Third Rail Power Trip
BACKSTORY: The 1983 Paisley Underground classic is reissued on vinyl for the first time in more than 30 years by Real Gone Music. A limited-edition run of 1,000 copies are pressed in red-and-yellow starburst vinyl.






  1. Highly recommend Emergency, Third Rail Power Trip. Bought it on cassette in 1984 in San Francisco, and it has since been re-purchased twice over(CD & Vinyl).

  2. Would love for this release of “Dekadance” to be the start of another revisit to INXS’s imperial phase, with the four-disc “Kick – 30th Anniversary Edition” already checking one huge box. Hopefully this version of “Dekadance” will one day be tacked onto a Deluxe Edition of “The Swing,” and the first edition of “Dekadance” that many Americans and others know and love will be added to a Deluxe Edition of “Shabooh Shoobah.” “Listen Like Thieves” would round out the three Deluxe reissues, with the “Rocking the Royals” show on a second disc (or make that a separate physical release entirely, complete with DVD!). Extended/12″ versions, B-sides, and live cuts could fill in the cracks. And if these follow the winning three-disc Duran Duran/Arcadia reissue formula, then promo videos and ace live clips would round out the third discs. 

    If “Max Q,” “Dogs in Space” soundtrack, and “Michael Hutchence – Deluxe Edition” reissues follow, then Slicing Up Eyeballs and the rest of the universe will be an even happier place. ;)

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