Contests — September 25, 2019 at 8:31 am

Contest: Win The Cult’s ‘Sonic Temple’ vinyl reissue signed by Ian Astbury and Billy Duffy

Beggars Banquet has just released a series of 30th anniversary reissues of The Cult’s smash 1989 album Sonic Temple, and we’re thrilled to be able to give away a copy of the new 2LP vinyl reissue — signed by Ian Astbury and Billy Duffy, no less — to one lucky Slicing Up Eyeballs reader.

The Bob Rock-produced album, which hit No. 10 on the Billboard charts and features the singles “Fire Woman,” “Sun King,” “Edie (Ciao Baby)” and “Sweet Soul Sister,” is being reissued in deluxe CD and vinyl box sets to mark its 30th anniversary.

Beggars is providing Slicing Up Eyeballs with a signed copy of the 2LP set, which includes the full album as well as its six B-sides spread across to pieces of black vinyl, to give away to one winner in the U.S.

TO ENTER: In the comments below, name your favorite song off Sonic Temple and why you think it’s so great. You can also email your entry to with the subject “SONIC TEMPLE.”

RULES: We’ll take entries until 5 p.m. EDT Friday, Oct. 4. After that point, we’ll select a winner at random, who will be notified via their provided e-mail addresses. Important: If the winner does not reply to their notification email within 48 hours, a new winner will be drawn (hey, it happens). Winner must have a U.S. mailing address. One entry per person.

Good luck, and godspeed.



  1. “Fire Woman” is one of my all-time favorite songs. It sounds as good now as it did when Sonic Temple was first released, and no matter how good or bad a day I’m having, I’m in a better mood after hearing it.

  2. Jake Jeffries

    Fire Woman … the day that song gets old is the day I die inside. Has anyone ever pronounced the word “fire” better?

  3. Adrienne M Barrett

    Fire woman because it was a point in life I needed to feel I could do anything.

  4. The whole album just spoke to me at that time in my life! Absolutely just wore it out! Still one of my fav’s

  5. Sweet Soul Sister is the standout track for me. It’s such a soulful and standout track on an album full of rock bangers. I think this track really showcases the dexterity of the band and especially the Ian/Billy songwriting team.

  6. “Fire Woman”: epic vocals and amazing riffs

  7. Sweet Soul Sister is my favorite but the whole album is great!

  8. Fire Woman – all of the strength and burning independence displayed by women historically, and none of the grandiose flamboyance needed to compete in today’s world with a “look at me – I roar too!” agenda – just four on the floor rock and roll without the pretence. Floors me every time.

  9. Vincent DeSanto

    My favorite song has got to be Edie (Ciao Baby). Everything from the strings and acoustic guitar to Billy’s kickass guitar is awesome. And of course, Ian shows again why he’s my favorite rock singer with his sublime vocals.

  10. Fire Woman is my favorite song and video! It reminds me of my favorite bar in Richmond, VA that would play harder rock, metal and alternative music. It was a small place. We danced on the tables, in the booths and sometimes on the bar. It was a crazy, fun place to go! The Cult was 1of my favorite bands; Ian and Billy were/are still hot!

  11. Kelly Paananen

    It may be one of the more under rated songs on the record, but American Horse is MY JAM on this record. Could be one of my all time fave tracks by the Cult. Ian’s vocals on this track are epic and Billy’s riffs are just as keen.

    This song weaves a story that I can visualize as I listen. That’s what makes it my favorite.

  12. Nancy Tourtellott

    I moved to IL in March of 1989. My first job was at Camelot Records in St.Charles. I had a promo cassette copy and a promo poster for the album that hung proudly in my home. I was already a Cult fan but when I first heard “Edie (Ciao Baby)” I was floored. The melody, the lyrics, Ian’s voice – powerful. Thanks for this giveaway!

  13. It’s a toss up, but I’m going to go with Edie, and Firewoman comes in a close second! I’ve loved The Cult since my 80s high school days. I still have all my records from back then and a few other Cult albums so thanks for the contest!!!!

  14. Chuck Flowers

    Sun King. The guitar riff. That is the reason that Sonic Temple is my favorite Cult album.

  15. Fernando Fratantoni

    I was a kid and i saw the video of Edie (Ciao Baby) on a video channel.. That song really made me realize that they werent just the guys thay rocked on Love Removal Machie or make me run with She Sells Sanctuary. I saw them live on the Ceremony tour and they rocked so hard! Long life to Ian and Billy!

  16. Mike Halbrook

    Fire Woman. As a fan, I remember Mtv promoting the premier of the new The Cult video, and I stayed up to make sure I didn’t miss it. When it finally aired, I was blown away. I new, yet logical progression of the band I loved. I knew that this was going to be a big album for them. I got to see them twice on that tour. Once opening for Metallica with Steve Jones as a guest, and then headlining on my 18th birthday. Still one of my favorite concerts ever.

  17. Sun King !
    From the moment I popped in the cassette back then and that moody opening music started and Ian says…”This is where it all ends.” I knew this was gonna be a special trip. It still gives me chills when I now pop in the CD version.

  18. Sun King. Love the bass intro and Billy’s massive riffs on this one. This is one of the best opening tracks ever. Man this record rocks.

  19. Sun King

  20. Fire Woman belongs on every playlist. For driving, around the house, and everywhere you need a lift. This album also gave me the realization that Ian was the embodiment of Jim Morrison. The voice the style…Everything. Great album and a great band.

  21. Favorite song: Sun King. I always thought this was a great opening track. The intro has a little Doors-esque meandering before the song kicks in. I always thought it was under appreciated in favor of the other singles on the LP.

  22. Deborah Lennon

    Edie (Ciao Baby). I absolutely love the lyrics and the melody, the guitar, everything about this song.

  23. Edie (Ciao Baby). I was only 12 when Sonic Temple was released and was just getting into what, at the time was called ‘Alternative Rock’. This song not only opened my eyes to the wonders of the Cult but also was my first introduction to Andy Warhol and Edie Sedgwick which opened my eyes to a whole world of things (from Basquiat to the Velvet Underground)

  24. Fire Woman was a great song because it proved not all “rock” that came out in 1989 was crap.

  25. Edie (Ciao Baby) stands out as it showcases Ian’s vocal range and how he identifies with such a tragic figure, Billy’s acoustic/electric guitar prowess is on full display and their willingness to incorporate strings which most (not all) rock bands at the time would not consider. The song is also strategically placed between American Horse and Sweet Soul Sister so A+ for continuity.

  26. jason milliman

    “Fire Woman” was the sing along tune off of the “Sonic Temple” record. I’m looking forward to revisiting the record as I have aged a bit since probably last listening to it in its entirety in my teen years. My high school days were spent with “Love” & “Electric” on constant repeat…


  27. Fire Woman! As good today as it was in 1989.

  28. Jefferson Buttorff

    The whole album just rocks. Hard to pick just one… Sweet Soul Sister. Reminds me of one of my very first dates with my now wife. We would listened to this over and over. Still together after all these years! Cultarmy!

  29. Fire Woman. Great song which takes me back a long time ago to fun times. Triggers some good memories.

  30. Fire Woman is my favorite song off Sonic Temple.
    Probably because this was the first Cult song that I had heard…it stuck with me…it engrained itself into my teenage brain…a perfect melding of sex and arcane knowlege…whiffs of incense and sweetgrass….want and longing…I first heard this song at 14 years old….29 years later it still sparks a flame inside my soul. Thanks for doing that.

  31. Sun King for me. The beginning just gives me chills whenever I hear it. “This is where it all ends.”

  32. Todd Teghtmeyer

    Gotta go with Sweet Soul Sister as my favorite

  33. Matthew koenen

    “Fire Woman” cause she’s to blaaame!

  34. Sun King – I was a DJ at a community college in the mid 90s and my first time on the air, I opened with Sun King. When the song really kicks in, the guitar and drums are pounding. I still love this song.

  35. James T Alexander Jr

    Fire woman. It just floors me when I hear it I love all their albums though.

  36. Edie (Ciao Baby) because it makes me feel like it’s 1989, and I’m in my senior year of high school again.

  37. Mike Cusimano

    First of all, thank you!!!

    Ok, I choose American Horse. Awesome mid-tempo rocker that has all kinds of space and allows each instrument and Ian to take the spotlight and shine.

  38. Michael Taylor

    Soldier Blue. I was bummed not to see it on the setlists for the anniversary tour. Fantastic main riff and I love how Ian references Blade Runner (and Rutger Hauer’s character Roy Batty) in the lyrics.

  39. Jason Robinson

    Definitely Sweet Soul Sister because it’s a beautiful song and it’s fun to sing along with Ian and his amazing voice!

  40. I’m going with “Sun King”! A driving beat and superior riff make this one a “Cult” classic!

  41. Fire Woman! Rocked like mad, and the first place I heard of Smokestack Lightning.”

  42. Matthew Grimes

    “Edie (Ciao Baby)” is my favorite song. I was obsessed with Warhol and the Factory in High School (to the point I was painting everything I owned Silver). I of course fell in LOVE with the image/idea of Edie Sedgwick. To hear a band I also loved in High School pay tribute to my other “love” was amazing serendipity.

  43. Edie (Ciao Baby). That song sparks so many memories for me.

  44. Edie (Ciao Baby) because it’s heartbreakingly beautiful.

  45. Me encanta Sweet Soul Sister pues es una cancion con la que empece a escuchar el grupo y el poder que genera es epico, gracias a esta cancion empece a seguir a The Cult un grupo que en Mexico no es muy conocido
    I love Sweet Soul Sister because it is a song with which I began to listen to the group and the power it generates is epic, thanks to this song I began to follow The Cult a group that in Mexico is not well known

  46. “New York City” since it has Iggy on it and I like the way Ian sings the chorus too. The whole album rocks!

  47. Jeff Hadfield

    It’s a great album, but I like sweet soul sister the best. Back in the day when it was released, I’d sell a copy of Sonic Temple every time I put “SSS” on the PA in the CD store I worked in – because it wasn’t what people expected from The Cult. Cheers!

  48. Jeff Pfannenstiel

    American Horse…the entire album is a total riff-gasm, but that one got me early. I’m much older now but still play it on vinyl quite often.

  49. Wow! one song just does not give this album the justice it deserves as one of the greatest albums of late eighties -early nineties… possibly ever! Let’s try to remember an album that had it’s first four of five tracks be hits, but I am sure if “American Horse” had been released it would have made 5…
    This was the band at the top of their game.
    “Sun King” sets us up for this crazy ride that has not stop for 30 years and it doesn’t look like it will stop anytime soon!

  50. Jimmy johnson

    Sun King is my favorite song on my favorite album. The build up at the beginning and the blistering solo- it totally rocks. Furthermore, it tell the listener to buckle up- it’s gonna be a great ride!

  51. As awesome as “Fire Woman” is, I’ve always loved the groove of “Sweet Soul Sister” — definitely one of the most underrated Cult tracks.

  52. I used to listen to Sonic Temple end to end without skipping any tracks. It provided balance to shoe-gazing/Manchester scene music I was also listening to at the time.

  53. Edie (Ciao Baby)

  54. Kelly Mottweiler

    Sun King! Because it’s a subtle seventeenth history lesson via The Cult. Louis the fourteenth IS the Sun King!

  55. Fire Woman. Always reminds me of skipping school. Good times. Also great memories of my 2nd concert ever. The Cult opening for Billy Idol.

  56. Tom O’Connor

    Wake up time for Freedom because it is so different from anything else on the record. Just live the message.

  57. Sun King…because this is where it all ends!!!

  58. Edie (Ciao Baby) was a standout track from the very first time I listened to the album all those years ago

  59. Tom LoMacchio

    Edie (Ciao Baby) was absolutely the stand out track. It was heart felt, strong yet sensitive, and memorable. It held all the elements of a band who had travelled through the roads from post punk/goth, through alternative rock, and had then landed on a sound that would make them famous.

  60. “Edie (Ciao Baby)”, because its a beautiful song and a beautiful tribute to Edie Sedgwick

  61. Edie (Ciao Baby) for sure. It’s a tremendous album but I dig that tune!

  62. The 1st track: Sun King.

    It opens with the ambient pulse of a solar outburst and than falls on you like relentless molten rain.

  63. Fire Woman would be my favorite song on the album but really the entire album was so epic at the time it was released. Love Edie (Caio Baby), Sweet Soul Sister, Sun King and the rest of the record.

  64. Andy Patterson

    “Fire Woman.” Arena slaying with healthy doses of Love thrown in.

  65. Fire Woman. The song rages with power and it’s a great showcase for Ian Astbury’s vocal range.

  66. Matt Cleveland

    Edie (Caio Baby) – I loved the refrain.

  67. It’s Firewoman for me, the intro/build up and then the full on/kick ass guitars come in, just asking to be played very loud, a great driving track!

  68. “Soul Asylum” is my favorite. Followed closely by “American Horse”, “Edie”, and “Sun King”. Why “Soul Asylum”? Epic guitars and heartfelt lyrics! The whole album rules though. A classic for sure!

  69. Sun King is the king. The electric guitar layers are fantastical. Edie is a close second with the Guild 12 string.

  70. Sweet Soul Sister, because it takes me back to when I saw them play in San Diego in a little club around 1998 or 1999 — what a band to see in a small venue!!!

  71. Edie (ciao baby). Damn I love that tune. Starts off subtle and then just kicks you in the head with its power.

  72. The whole album is stellar, but if you made me choose one song I’d say Edie (Ciao Baby) but please let me still watch the video to Fire Woman. Both amazing songs, but I was rather fascinated by Edie Sedgewick around the time this album originally came out so I loved that they wrote this song. But then the video for Fire Woman is just a absolute epic rock video.
    30 years later this album still holds up – seriously still one of my faves.

  73. Cheryl Patter Strauss

    In came Brando
    This is where it all ends…
    I’ve been thinking…what I’ve been missing…
    I can’t pick a favorite!

  74. Fire Woman – The song that introduced me to The Cult, Sonic Temple was one of the last cassettes I bought before switching to CD.

  75. Edie – it was the eve of my 19th birthday. We bought the album and planned on driving to Toronto. You can legally drink in Canada at that age. We were bored with Lenny Kravitz and proceeded to sing the Beatles songs that his songs were “pilfered” from.

    Any who….

    At the end of the night they played this. It was the best and most memorable birthday I have had in these 46 years.

    On our way out of the city we had drunk people stopping our car and we kept yelling “Earth mother for you”

  76. Soul Asylum.
    Still takes me far away.
    has it really been 30 years??!

  77. Michelle Moore

    It’s Fire Woman for sentimental reasons. It reminds me of a summer spent dancing in a basement-level club that looked like a dungeon with all its stone work.

  78. Michele Cauvel

    Sun King!

  79. I really like Fire Woman. Whenever that songs comes on the radio I have to turn it up and sing along. That song is kickass and the vocals are amazing even though I am singing along. It would be so awesome to have in vinyl!

  80. John O’Connor

    Fire Woman- It is a totally soulful song that brings out a lot of emotion in me and came out during a difficult time in my life and helped me get thru that period as did several other Cult songs such as Revolution and She Sells Sanctuary. That is why the Cult is my favorite band as they are very emotional for me and have helped me through some challenging times in my life.

  81. Fire Woman rocks, rocks hard.

  82. Carla shepherd

    Fire woman! If I had to say one song. But the whole record is amazing.

  83. Jolie Hershey

    Fire Woman is the popular choice, but l prefer Sweet Soul Sister

  84. Chad Schweitzer

    Soldier Blue is my favorite. I was a big The Doors fans when this was released, at the ~2:50 mark of this song it always reminded me of Jim Morrison. I was hooked on this song and still am today.

  85. It’s got to be Fire Woman doesn’t it? And I must say that I miss Jamie Stewart. Great bassist. I wish he would join them for a show or two. It would just seem right.

  86. Such a great record that came out when I moved away from my parent’s house. I remember I had a poster of the album cover in my first apartment. Soul Asylum is my favorite track from the album. I’m not sure why it just speaks to me more than the other songs.

  87. “Fire Woman” will forever be my favorite track only because it reminds of when I entered a lip syncing contest where I performed the song at my high school auditorium in front of a packed audience. I was Ian and won the competition! Life-changing event for me.

  88. Robert Palacios

    The video was just the Cult being the Cult! That riff!

  89. Soul Asylum.
    5:19-5:41 is why

  90. Chris Gunnell

    Fire Woman. That build up at the beginning to the explosion. This song inherited some serious She Sells Sanctuary mojo!

  91. Fire Woman is the song that made me fall in Ian even more than I already was. I was at the ripe age of 14 when this song came out. The height my Cult infatuation. I wanted to be “Fire Woman”

  92. Edie is simply timeless …

  93. edie ciao baby… even better now o have an Italian wife… beautiful… Ian’s s got chops

  94. Paul Edward Bernardo

    One of my top favorite albums of all time. All songs are definitely on my play list. For me, Firewoman is the best track on this album. The amazing powerful vocals by Ian, as always, and the incomparable riffs of Billy makes it as one of my favorite songs ever.

  95. Sweet Soul Sister. Perfect mix of blues and guitar rock. And that chorus!


    Fire Woman was my anthem throughout high school. When it was on everyone looked to me. Good time.

  97. Sun King. Every time I hear it I’m right back in 1989 with my friends at Lake Havasu for Memorial Day weekend. Being young and having one hell of a good time.

  98. Edie (Ciao Baby). I sang this to someone I was into when I was young and her name was Evie. She broke my heart, but I still love the song.

  99. I mean it’s gotta be Fire Woman, right? That song is overpoweringly huge, it’s a monument all on its own!

  100. Sun King…the start lures you in to the album as it gradually starts with long rifts and steady tempo then starts building intensity til Ian jumps in. You just know it’s gonna be great

  101. Edie (ciao baby) for me. I remember my dad trying to teach me how to play it on guitar when I was a kid. Took me forever, but I got there.

  102. Michele Neilsen

    New York City.
    This tune kicks ass, even blasting through the speakers of the 1984 Chevette we cruised around in.

  103. Sun King. I have always loved the intro with it’s nearly psychedelic 60s sound that explodes into the guitar riff.

  104. Fire Woman of course is one of my favorite songs. It brings back amazing memories from when it was originally released!

  105. El Arreglardo

    Fire Woman and Love Removal Machine are always the two most energetic songs of their live show.

  106. Sun King – great opening rocker that sets up what’s to follow. Love this album.

  107. Sun King. The ominous bass riff intro, followed by the guitar swells, into the majestic Duffy riff. Then Sir Ian comes in…


  108. Soul Asylum is my favorite. It has the best elements of Love-era goth atmospherics as well as a rocking chorus. Ian’s singing is fantastic on this track. An everlasting kisssss!

  109. Michael Jacques

    Edie (Ciao Baby)

  110. Rosemary Staggs

    Fire Woman…because it reminds me of myself

  111. Sun King, great opener and sets the mood. Can’t imagine this album without it. Loping bass line, soaring guitar, drums kick in, then the swagger of the song in earnest. Positively swings! So many great ones on this disk.

  112. Brandon Andrews

    An album that has stood the test of time for me. I was obsessed with The Cult in high school and I still listen to them often (to my wife and kids’ chagrin!). I was so happy when they stopped by my town on their last tour!

    Medicine Train. They ended the album with one of their best!

  113. Fire Woman still rocks as hard now as it did the day it was released. Epic.

  114. Sun King. The ENTIRE album is incredible… changing….influential. The new tour is the BEST! I have been to 2 shows in the last couple months and looking to make it 3. Thanks CULT !!

  115. Jack Thornsberry

    I am going to have to go with American Horse with that homage to Sanctuary guitar riff.

  116. Zombie jennifah

    American Horse –

    the intro guitar riff with Ian’s sexy spooky cries leading up to the drum and bass charge in…
    Makes me run harder stronger.. faster… like a fiery hell horse breathing brimstone is on my heels!

  117. Fire Woman
    Because it rocks…

  118. 1989-one of the best years for alt music! The Cult’s Fire Woman blasting out the car’s speakers cruising from surf spot to surf spot on the Jersey Shore spring of 1989 and rockin the late night parties all summer long. Too much energy to contain that summer.

  119. ‘Fire Woman’ has always been a favorite.

  120. Christopher S

    Edie (Ciao Baby) – It’s awesome because it encapsulates all that The Cult was at the time. The rich sound, the power in Ian’s voice, guitar work, etc. I associate that song with A LOT of my college days too….!

  121. “Fire Woman“ because it just melts my face and reminds me of the sea.

  122. Soldier Blue, although the entire album timeless to me. It was an defining album in the evolution of my musical taste. I have never been without a copy since the year it was released. Currently, I only have it on cassette, along with Love and Electric.
    I do have Love and Electric on LP,but not Sonic Temple, yet…

  123. Carla Rietkerk

    Sweet Soul Sister was my favorite song off Sonic Temple untill, i saw them live singing Soul Asylum! With a sexiness layered in blues, i now am obsessed with this song all over again. Thanks Cult for all the years of great music. You just keep getting better.

  124. Edie (Ciao Baby)

  125. Michael Nelson

    Soul Asylum – I gravitate to the headier stuff. The vox being as layered as the guitars is a great effect. The patience of the the drums is super sweet, too.

  126. It will always be Fire Woman! My go to workout song, my cheer me up song, my road trip song, my sitting om the beach, my working late song and the first Cult song I introduced to my daughter. The video rocked too!!

  127. Tiffany Goudey

    Sweet Soul Sister is the Iconic rock, bad ass version of Mary Poppins – practically perfect in every way.

  128. C’mon, Sonic Temple is an incredible follow up to The Cults Love album. However, there was that one record in between. But let’s face it; The Cult’s shine showed on both records. Sonic Temple punched you in the nose to say, hey we’re here!

  129. Edie (ciao baby). I absolutely love the line “the dogs lay at your feet.”!!!!

  130. There are many great songs in this album, but I must give my vote to ” Fire Woman”, because it is the aong I put on to amp me up for performance or workout, it’s instantly recognizable CULT, BUT THE MOST IMPORTANT REASON is that Fire Woman is one of the top vocal performances of all time, ever recorded. Ian struck GOLD here, the chorus is a classic and one that ALL vocalists revere and look up to. Love +The CULT+

  131. Fire woman, slays me.

  132. Sweet soul sister is my jam

  133. Steven Mendoza

    My favorite song from this album is Edie (Ciao Baby).
    The lyrics and melody are melted on a perfect ballad to finish as a rock anthem; begining with the strings arrangements the follow up of acoustic guitar and to flow with Billy Duffy hard kicking guitar and Ian’s powerfull voice, it’s a gift to all ears.

  134. Have to pick Sun King. Great chord progression

  135. Oh man…

    Fire Woman since that song reminds me of my high school girlfriend and just rocks. It was also the license plate of her first car. A convertible VW Bug.

    Saw Guns N Roses open for The Cult on this tour at Long Beach Arena. NYE show. Bonham opened. Was insane.

  136. “Fire Woman”.
    Sometimes the popular is the most popular for a good reason.
    Just great rock ‘n’ roll.

  137. Ivan Cirkovic

    Fire woman… That voice is on fire, like that woman in song… Name of the band is in correlation with the song!

  138. Ivan Cirkovic

    Fire woman… Voice is on fire, like the woman in the song!!!

  139. ‘American Horse’ I played it for a cousin in Europe through a pair of old school head phones and when the drums came in after the melodic guitar intro, he just about fell out of his chair. More importantly it reminds me of one of my best friends Vance who passed awayat a very young age. He was of Native American decent’ I told him “this is your song brother” I put this in my top three albums ever.

  140. Michelle Costonis

    Fire Woman, that song is the epitome of a rock song and timeless.

  141. Medicine Train.. Every time I hear that opening riff I imagine I’m on stage in front of the crowd playing it!!…

  142. Michael Brown

    Meye fav r rain and she sells sanctuary
    I have used them in prayer worship to Jehovah and they are awesome possum for working out 2 also. And the

  143. Christian Bell

    New York City is the best. Something about this song…every time I’m exposed to NYC I hear Ian saying/singing,”NEW YORK CITY!” always pops in my head. Great track!

  144. Fire woman, it empowers me.

  145. Asterios Sisilas

    First album I buy from The Cult and then became my all time favourite band

  146. As Cult songs go I always forget about “Edie” but then it comes on and just wow it gets me in the heart every time.

  147. Eddie T. Reis

    The whole Album is a masterpiece, outside of the Singles, my favorite song is Soul Asylum! It’s heavier and comes across massive. Great intro builds-up nicely before the thunderous drums kick-in. A quite atmospheric and sensual song. Absolutely love it! Cheers!

  148. Eddie T. Reis

    The whole Album is an absolute masterpiece, and outside of the Singles, my favorite song is Soul Asylum. The Guitar intro (dirty) builds-up nicely before the thunderous drums kick-in. The song is not only atmospheric, but quite sensual (lyrics) indeed. Absolutely love it! Cheers!

  149. American Horse

    No other way to play this record than at peak volume! Turn it to 11 when American Horse come on. KIller vocal, Killer guitar part, killer guitar tone and kick as fucking track!

  150. Every song on the record is the best, for the simple reason that the band rebounded so surprisingly and spectacularly from the steaming pile of recycled AC/DC riffs that was Electric. Dreamtime and Love were so great, then Electric came along and stunk up the room … but then they got great again with Sonic Temple. Obviously folks still recall the album very fondly, which is fun to read. Lots of good memories associated with this one, for all of us.

  151. Edie (Ciao Baby). Love the melody, lyrics, and the mix of acoustic and electric. Would love to see them perform it live!

  152. Love the entire album, but if I can only choose one, it’s Sun King…it’s a song that immediately gets you out of your seat and dancing with abandon! I recently went to the concert in Laughlin and have got to tell you I had the same reaction as I did all those years ago lol I had taken my original Sonic Temple cd with me in hopes of getting it signed, so am happy to see such a great contest Thanx!

  153. I love Edie(ciao baby) … such an epic song

  154. Fire Woman, hands down. Its got a great groove and an energy that is mixed between smoky sultriness and a burning inferno.

  155. It is tough to pick, this set sort opened up music to me as an 8th grader. It was the first album I bought that seemed cool… the cover art felt iconic. Sun King opens side one and it made me immediately glad I bought it. I remember standing my room, hitting play on the stereo, hearing the opening to Sun King and immediately striking the air Duffy pose.

  156. Marc jorissen

    Edie because already for So many years the shivers and goosebomps do not dissapear when playing it making it the cult of the cult

  157. “Sun King” has one of the best intros vocally. This record to me is Senior Year in college. Unforgettable stuff.

  158. Maria Puentesbarr

    Fire woman on cd and live. They are an amazing band period!

  159. Fire Woman is the best song of the album because it convinced my friends to like a band that I’d liked since 1985. I was always listening to underground and obscure bands while my metal head friends ridiculed my taste. When Fire Woman became a hit, suddenly my good taste in music was confirmed and friends thought my taste wasn’t so strange after all.

  160. Fire Woman. My brother got his first truck around that time. I remember riding around with him with that tape in the deck all the time.

  161. Edie (Ciao Baby), Great Song!

  162. Fire Woman. Cuz it rocks!

  163. Always been a big fan of New York City, since it sounded a bit more like the previous stuff.

  164. Warren Toland

    Fire Woman for me. Sonic Temple was one of the only cassettes I brought with me to basic training and was the first I listened to when I got the Walkman back.

  165. Neda Sadeghian

    New York City is my favorite song on this album. The band spent time in NYC recording their album that came out right before Sonic Temple, The Electric. Clearly the song New York City is reflective of the experience they had. Songs that are reflective of direct experiences always hold a lot of meaning for me, hence why it’s my favorite.

  166. Its such an iconic album. I love the hits, love “Edie” and “Medicine Train” more, but for me its “American Horse”.
    Opening the track by telling you to “stick it in your ear, cuz it aint exactly clear” over a searing Billy Duffy riff?
    Don’t get better than that. CFFC!!

  167. New york city is my favorite – Billy Duffy just jams on that track

  168. Sun King.

    It is broadly epic as well as played tight. Doesn’t lose glamour.

  169. Fire woman!! For sure! That sound was our favorite song in our cover band to play!! But the whole album was awesome!! Loved meeting Billy at Namm… Great guy!

  170. Fire Woman makes me ridiculously happy

  171. Thanks for chance at freebie!
    Gotta nominate “Sweet Soul Sister” = it’s beautifully

  172. favorite track is Sun King. great Billy Duffy riff, solos, effects and Ian’s mystic howls and spoken work intro.. “THIS IS WHERE IT ALL BEGINS!” making SONIC TEMPLE an all time classic ROCK record.

  173. Mike Pendlebury

    My favourite track is “New York City”. It was the opening song on the Sonic Temple Tour at the NEC in Birmingham when I was living in the UK. Epic! A real life changing moment for me.

  174. “Soldier Blue” …. they got out of the D-C-G rut with that one, and it still rocks. Hinted towards the direction the band would eventually move in.

  175. Grant Kistler

    Edie (Ciao Baby) because it’s cinematic and beautiful with the strings and lines like “the gods lay at your feet Edie.” Epic!

  176. Michael Hash

    Favorite song from Sonic Temple is “Fire Woman” because “Smokestack Lightning” is such a great lyric. Billy’s guitar riff is insane!

  177. Sun King is epic!

  178. The contest is now over. The winner will be chosen at random and notified via email.

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