Video — November 18, 2019 at 6:48 am

Watch: Calexico and Iron & Wine cover ‘Bring on the Dancing Horses’ for KEXP

Calexico and Iron & Wine — aka Sam Beam — have been out on the road this year in support of their 14-years-in-the-making second collaboration, Years to Burn, and have regularly been performing a cover of Echo & The Bunnymen’s “Bring on the Dancing Horses” — which they recorded in a live session for KEXP last summer that has just been shared by the Seattle radio station.

Check out their soaring version, complete with light mariachi horns, below.






  1. MeFromBrazil

    They made it boring.

  2. Excellent cover!

  3. I will return to this—MANY—times. Favorites collide, it’s lovely.

  4. Kimberly McCray

    LOVED this and I’ve been an obsessed Bunnymen fan since 1982. Best cover of a Bunnymen tune I’ve ever heard. Can they please do MORE?!

  5. Dental Practice

    Not bad.

  6. A good song’s a good song in any capable hands if they treat it sincerely, and I think this one works. Recall that Iron & Wine found the beating heart at the center of “Such Great Heights” — the original version by the Postal Service was absolute shit, but Beam’s thoughtful take tapped into the vibe of the lyrics turned it into a thing of wonder. “Dancing Horses” didn’t need to be so salvaged by any means, but this strikes me as respectful and pretty okay.

  7. This is up there with Calexico’s “The Guns of Brixton” cover. Can’t believe “London’s Calling” is 40 years old next month OR that I’m 50 this month…

  8. It’s a cover alright! Missing Ian’s deep tones on the chorus. It sort of sounds like a mashup of Horses with Do They Know It’s Christmas…lol

  9. Best cover version is actually an early version of the song and can be found on the Echo & The Bunnymen 1987 album extended version. ‘Jimmy Brown’. I put this on all the time.

  10. Fucking beardos. I can’t even look at that idiot.

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