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Pale Saints’ ‘The Comforts of Madness’ to get expanded 30th anniversary reissue

4AD next month will celebrate the 30th anniversary of Pale Saints’ early shoegaze classic The Comforts of Madness with a multi-format reissue that will include 2CD and 2LP editions featuring previously unreleased demos and the band’s one and only John Peel session.

Due out Jan. 17 on vinyl, CD and digital editions, the reissue will be 4AD’s first release of the 2020s — just as the original album was the storied label’s first release of the 1990s.

The 30th anniversary edition will be available in a single-LP edition on black vinyl featuring a remastered version of the album, as well as 2CD and 2LP sets — the latter pressed on clear vinyl — that include a bonus disc.  For that bonus disc, frontman Ian Masters provided demos recorded at Woodhouse studio prior to the album sessions at Blackwing Studios in London with John Fryer and Gil Norton. Those are joined by four songs recorded for John Peel’s show on July 23, 1989, at Maida Vale studios in London.

The reissue is available for pre-order now.

Check out the tracklist below — plus hear the demo of “You Tear the World in Two.”



Pale Saints, The Comforts of Madness: 30th Anniversary Remaster

Disc 1
1. “Way The World Is”
2. “You Tear The World In Two”
3. “Sea of Sound”
4. “True Coming Dream”
5. “Little Hammer”
6. “Insubstantial”
7. “A Deep Sleep For Steven”
8. “Language of Flowers”
9. “Fell From The Sun”
10. “Sight Of You”
11. “Time Thief”

Disc 2
1. “Sight Of You” (Original Woodhouse Studio Version)
2. “Way The World Is” (Woodhouse Studio LP Demo)
3. “Language of Flowers” (Woodhouse Studio LP Demo)
4. “You Tear The World In Two” (Woodhouse Studio LP Demo)
5. “Fell From The Sun” (Woodhouse Studio LP Demo)
6. “A Deep Sleep For Steven” (Woodhouse Studio LP Demo)
7. “Time Thief” (Woodhouse Studio LP Demo)
8. “Sea of Sound” (Woodhouse Studio LP Demo)
9. “Insubstantial” (Woodhouse Studio LP Demo)
10. “Little Hammer” (Woodhouse Studio LP Demo)
11. “True Coming Dream” (Woodhouse Studio LP Demo)
12. “She Rides The Waves” (John Peel session)
13. “You Tear The World In Two” (John Peel session)
14. “Way The World Is” (John Peel session)
15. “Time Thief” (John Peel session)




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  1. Great record, and a great band while Ian Masters was still the songwriter. The record that followed might be even better. They’re overdue for a reappraisal.

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