Video — December 11, 2019 at 10:44 pm

Watch: Cocteau Twins’ Elizabeth Fraser duets on Sam Lee’s ‘The Moon Shines Bright’

The artistic emergence of Elizabeth Fraser — the heavenly, if reclusive, voice of the Cocteau Twins — continues with the release by Sam Lee of a new recording of ancient folk song “The Moon Shines Bright,” which finds the British folk singer duetting with Fraser.

The recording, produced by former Suede guitarist Bernard Butler, will appear on Lee’s upcoming album Old Wow, due out in January. Lee specializes in traditional folk songs.

Check out the song’s video below, via Brooklyn Vegan.

Fraser first reemerged publicly more than a year ago, performing a set of traditional folk songs in London in an exceedingly rare live appearance. She then spent part of this year on the road with Massive Attack on the band’s Mezzanine anniversary tour, lending her vocals to the tracks she performed on that album.

It’s not known if she has any larger plans to start making new music on her own.

See that video of Lee and Fraser below.





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  1. Maxine Dickson

    Absolutely out of this world..lifting of the soul. Perfect..wish I had words to discribide the feeling.. its not JUST the lylics it the sounds of their voices..they are instrumental to this song.. not offen you experience this

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